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babysugar Diaries: Circumcision Gone Awry

When my ob-gyn and pediatrician asked us if we were going to circumcise our son, my husband and I didn't hesitate for a second. We both quickly said, "Yes!" On our last day in the maternity ward, our doctor swooped by and took our son into another room where she clipped away at his nether regions. In what seemed like minutes, she was back with our newly circumcised boy. She quickly told us how to care for it and was off to deliver another baby. To see what happened,


After circumcising a baby, doctors generally place a bandage around the penis's head. In my son's case, it was supposed to fall off after one or two days. In the meantime, I was to apply ointment to it like a swirly on an ice cream cone. I did as I was told, but the bandage didn't budge. At my son's one-week checkup, my pediatrician asked why it was still on there. I told her I was afraid to pull it off for fear of hurting him. She immediately took it off and said, "Some doctors are putting these bandages on too tight. They should fall off within the first few days." Worried I had ruined him, she assured me he would be fine though I needed to further care for his penis to make sure it wouldn't get infected. As if that wasn't enough to stress me out, she then told me that his circumcision was hardly noticeable. The foreskin still hung over the head making it look like an uncircumcised penis. Mortified, I asked what could be done about it. Again she calmed my nerves and told me that we would wait and re-evaluate him at 6 months.

After a worrisome appointment, I called all of my friends with boys and discovered that a botched job was not uncommon. I know at least three other moms who are having to make the call on re-circumcising. Most pediatricians recommend waiting until the baby is 1 year old, as they must go under general anesthesia. The American Academy of Pediatrics states:

Should circumcision become necessary after the newborn period because problems have developed, general anesthesia is often used and requires a more formal surgical procedure necessitating hemostasis and suturing of skin edges. Although the procedural complications are generally the same as those of newborn circumcision, there is the added risk attendant to general anesthesia if it is used.

For now, we're just sitting tight and hoping our lil guy works it out down south. He seems to be growing into it, but only time will tell.

Botched-RIC Botched-RIC 5 years
I have lived w/ botched job and known of a family where using anesthesia on young boy for optional surgery ruined his life. First there is no reason to cut what is needed to have a normal life. My son is natural and he likes it. I remember feeling bad to find out that they modified my body for no reason other than a bunch of Dr. LIES. Which is what goes on in this country. Second when you find out that it was a botched job you go crazy. I was cut to the balls and have very little feeling in that part thanks to an insisting Dr. spreading his lies and needing the money. Yes CRAZY and I have the titanium to prove that. Third now that we can research on line and see a child being cut up for no good reason and you think that was you at one time. Well I take my urine in a bottle and pour it on Mom's stone! fourth My son hates Dr. because when he was growing up they were no help. Had an ear infection Dr. looking in ear said yes it is an ear infection and I need to circumcision him right away. My son never cared what I looked like he only cared about what he looked like. SO he cried NO! and We did not go back to him! Also, found old med book 1950s that if RIC not done then leave it alone because of psychological trauma. Just try to find a Dr. that will be honest enough to tell you that. 5 locker room lie. If the others don't like it it is because they are mad that no one asked them and now they are stuck! 6 Don't trust Dr. they have their own attitude and agenda. And best of all they don't have to raise your son. They are happy to stick you with a bill and a broken kid. 7 IF you did this to him take responsibility for what you did. Talk to him more than That is your private parts and "WE DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT!'. Well if it is SO private then why were you so quick to modify it and damage it for no good reason. If it is damaged talked to him and cry with him. It is a bad sean where they send you out into the world not knowing what is going on, because No one ever said to me "poor thing your mother must have picked a bad Dr.' No it was always "What's wrong with YOU, don't you like girls" The medical profession is relying on guys like me being so embarrassed about it that word never gets out. Well they should be embarrassed and ashamed for keeping up the lie. I feel like I was an UGLY baby and since NOTHING EVER GOES WRONG it must have been on purpose to keep me from spreading my UGLYNESS. Well I did anyway, but with great difficulty. As for GOD, well read your New Testament, Paul said that we now have a circumcision of the heart and the physical one is not needed. Unless you don't believe the New Testament and want every one to look like the members of your Tribe. Isn't that what motivates you Dr.s. Enough said, 6 decades and still feeling abused and CRAZY.
denizente denizente 7 years
PLEASE DON'T DO IT. IT IS MUTILATION. Your son's penis will be damaged, check out Even if it goes 'well' he will not thank you later in life when the area around his glans becomes hardened and desensitised and it takes him 45 minutes of rough, painful sex to climax - his wife won't thank you either. It's common sense: cutting sensitive tissue from people's sex organs is insane. Just because it's commonplace doesn't make it OK. It takes place in the US because doctors get PAID for it. STOP THE MADNESS PLEASE, and leave your son as mother nature intended. You will told told it cuts risk of complications later on, i.e. phimosis, but that isn't true. This condition (tight foreskin) can be cured with a bit of stretching and some prescribed cream. Nor is it dirty. If it was, mother nature wouldn't have put it there - it's easy to keep clean, just ask the millions of men (the vast majority worldwide) who are intact. Read some of the accounts of men who've had it done in adulthood who can compare sex before and after and they'll tell you how it messed up their sex life. Read about the boy's who had botched circumcisions and lost their entire penis. PLEASE DON'T GIVE IN TO THE PRESSURE/BRAINWASHING. Think for yourself, use your common sense and remember that once it's gone, there's no putting it back. I know you'll make the right decision. Thanks.
GenevieveWong GenevieveWong 7 years
Wow I didn't even know circumcision was an issue! I live in NZ and I do not know anyone who is circumcised, I would never consider doing that to my son or daughter
sassyfras sassyfras 7 years
We did not have our son circumcised. I feel it is completely cosmetic and our pediatrician and OB agreed. We haven't had any problems.
Home Home 8 years
Both of my brothers are uncircumcised; one brother is 30, and the other is 7, and neither has ever had an infection or problem with his equipment. In fact, my husband told me that when my brother found out that I was pregnant, he took my husband aside and had a serious conversation with him about how, if we have a boy, he would strongly advise, as an uncircumcised man, against getting our baby circumcised. I'm much more willing to trust a dude that's gone through 30 years of life as an uncircumcised man than anyone else who wants to push their opinion on the matter on me. My husband lamely used the "he should look like me" excuse, but quickly backed down. My mom is also a prenatal nurse, and she is very much against the circumcision. She said that if any father really pushes for it, he should be forced to watch the procedure, and more likely than not, would then change his mind.
Nadia24gv Nadia24gv 8 years
Vain freaks. It's a dick, it doesn't NEED plastic surgery. It's ugly regardless. How cruel can you be?
Gumbee65 Gumbee65 8 years
The Patriotic Vanguard article (above) is a perfect example of the parallels of the two surgery's.
princess_eab princess_eab 8 years
^not to mention, "mortified" is an adult man finding out that his penis has 40% less feeling thanks to the removal of his foreskin. I can testify to that. But it's really none of my business, so I will stop commenting here. I know it's a family tradition for many people.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
"Mortified, I asked what could be done about it" what the heck is there to be mortified about? and an uncircumcized penis is just as clean as a regular one...I would know.
Gumbee65 Gumbee65 8 years
I would avoid entertaining any of the propaganda presented as facts on The web page is run by "Brian Morris, a man on a mission to rid the world of the male foreskin." - Basil Donovan Director, Sydney Sexual Health Centre. claims, "the predicted lifetime risk of penile cancer for an uncircumcised man has been estimated as 1 in 600 in the USA" The American Cancer Society says, " Penile cancer occurs in about 1 man in 100,000 in the United States. Where is getting a number so distant from the American Cancer Society? I can only assume that realizes the power of the "c" word and the fear it creates.
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 8 years
just don't do it. i have to assume my father had it done because of his age, but i know my parents said my brother didn't, (even though he wouldn't have 'looked like daddy') and he turned out fine, has had lots of success with women, and played on many sports teams. there is no way to justify putting your HELPLESS BABY at risk for complications. since 40% of americans are already not doing it, dont worry that your son will be the one weirdo if he doesn't have it done..... move forward and let go of this barbaric tradition people! thank you for the stats, comment 23
princess_eab princess_eab 8 years
p.s. once a man has a foreskin? he's not gonna want to get rid of it. and there's really no need. so moms who are concerned that he will have to suffer later in life - well, he probably wouldn't do it unless forced to. also, how would we feel about lopping of pieces of a little girl's body to make her look like her mother? or to make her more aesthetically pleasing later? I suppose as a parent, I would think twice about such a procedure that seems routine but (in adult life, as I've discovered) is actually pretty extreme.
princess_eab princess_eab 8 years
I would never circumcise my child after I did the research. I've been with non-circumcised and circumcised men and the difference is kind of tragic. Not life-and-death tragic, but a-part-is-missing tragic. It's completely unnecessary from a medical standpoint, and somehow the rest of the world understands that - the USA still has the highest circumcision rates in the world. The history of circumcision begins (and continues) with curtailing masturbation. I'm disturbed that any modern parent would care about that, but it's so firmly entrenched that people do it without thinking. There's just almost no debate outside of the USA (other than among Jewish families, which I respect). It shocked me, frankly. I agree that it has slimmed the rates of HIV infection in African nations where condom usage is difficult to dictate. But any parent who would rather circumcise their child than teach their boy to use a condom is not worth his or her salt. Just my opinion.
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