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Cleaning the House Before Housekeepers Arrive

Irrational Chores: Cleaning Before the Housekeepers

I never understood why my mother made us tidy up before the housekeeper came to clean the house. Now that I'm standing in her shoes, I get it. Working with two small kids probably gives me an excuse for keeping a less than perfect house but it's still embarrassing for two hardworking women to come in my home to see a situation that might make Pig Pen blush. I rush around the house tossing toys in bins, pulling the sheets off the bed and cleaning out the refrigerator so that the ladies have more time to focus on the big stuff — vacuuming, polishing and scouring the tubs.

Please tell me I'm not alone in my messy madness! Join our A Place to Vent group over in our LilSugar community and tell us about the chores that make you crazy.

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Gruberr1 Gruberr1 7 years
I never understood why my mom made us do this until I had a cleaning lady of my own. I now spend the night before putting away the toys, pulling furniture out from the wall, etc. just so she will spend more time cleaning than picking up from us. Goes to show that mom was right after all!
rgrl rgrl 7 years
It makes sense to pick up before they come. I do the same. I expect them to clean the floors, vacuum, dust but not pick up toys, wash dishes or p/u dirty clothes off the floor.
Moms Moms 7 years
My mom used make the hotel room beds before the cleaning people came. It drives my husband crazy, but I tidy up our place before the cleaning people come too. I figure if I do the easy stuff, they will spend more time on the deep cleaning.
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 7 years
my mom does this too!!! it cracks me up
cheersdarlin916 cheersdarlin916 7 years
I don't have a cleaning service but if I did I would do the same thing. I don't mind picking up all the crap laying around but I hate getting down and scrubbing the floor or cleaning the bathroom or dusting. I would rather they spend their time on the stuff I hate to do then on picking up things here and there.
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 7 years
My mom always made me straighten up before the cleaning lady came. I thought she was crazy. Last week, my husband said something about hiring a cleaning service to come in before the baby arrives. I said we couldn't because the house was a mess. He looked at me like I had 3 heads. I now understand my mother. lol
masonsmama masonsmama 7 years
I do the same thing...and I work from home, so when the cleaning lady arrives, I'm usually sitting at my desk in sweatpants looking like I have nothing better to do than sit around and play on my laptop while she cleans our house. I feel so lazy, even though I know that's not really the case!
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