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Any mom who has tried to aspirate her lil one can tell you it is no easy feat. The Cleanoz Nasal Aspirator ($30) is the only battery-operated version of the classic tool on the market. Developed by a physician, the device uses soft, disposable reservoir nozzles ensuring that germs are not reinserted into the nose, and making cleanup a breeze. Cleanoz's battery operation creates quick, even suction each time, reducing the entire aspiration process to mere seconds.

Would you give up your traditional aspirator bulb for a battery-operated one?

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LeslieNY LeslieNY 8 years
This product is a must. My friend gave me the competitor as a shower gift. I tried it and not only does it not work (unless you do it 10 times), but it is really hard to clean. The cleanup is messy and gross. With Cleanoz you can just dispose of the nozzle after you use it. Plus, the suction is very efficient. I only had to use the Cleanoz twice one time, and then the rest of the time, just once. There is no clean-up necessary, and it is EASY to use. Just remember to use Saline drops in the nose before you use the Cleanoz. Hard stuff will not come out by just continuing to suck. You have to loosen things up, and then the Cleanoz works like a dream. I would recommend the Cleanoz to anyone.
kateegirl kateegirl 8 years
i have a similar product from bebe sounds and LOVE it
atlasburped atlasburped 8 years
nosefrida works for us!
Greggie Greggie 8 years
Yeah the $1.99 one is more than good enough for me, and we boiled it after every use to avoid re-infecting the child.
rowdygrl700 rowdygrl700 8 years
I got one of these for my baby, who is now 6 mos old. I remembered fighting my older son with the bulb syringe when he was an infant and I hoped to avoid the tears this time around. Well, let me just say, this thing doesn't work worth a snot! Pun intended. And because it is a healthcare item, it cannot be returned, according to the website where I made the purchase. Talk about a waste of money, and I spent at least $60, with purchasing the unit, replacement nozzles, and shipping. Maybe mine is just defective or something but I give a strong "buyer beware" on this product.
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