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Cloth Diapers Cut Expenses

Looking to Cut Expenses? Consider Cloth Diapers

The statistics are staggering — disposable diapers take up to 500 years to decompose, and switching to cloth can save hundreds of dollars a year — but mamas continue to use disposable diapers for convenience and save the cloth versions for burping. Today's cloth diapers are a far cry from the bulky terry cloth and sweaty plastic pants our grandparents used.

Bambino Mio is revolutionizing the washable diaper with soft, natural cotton nappies and cute covers that are more breathable than their disposable counterparts, allowing the skin to maintain a constant temperature. Touching and soaking soiled cloth is kept to a minimum given the Bambino Mio System's unique design. The biodegradable liner sheet, which retains solids and is safe to flush down the toilet, is placed inside the cotton nappy that is designed to absorb liquids without being bulky. Finally, the cover, a slim-fitting cotton, uses Velcro closures, rather than pins, for quick and secure fastening.

Depending on the frequency with which families plan to do laundry, switching to cloth can cut a household diaper budget in half each year. Not a bad way to cut down on expenses while helping clean up our environment!

stephyr4 stephyr4 8 years
Cloth diaper revolution! When I have kids I am definitely buying these.
myconscience myconscience 8 years
there are so many other cloth diapering systems out there, such as the new gro baby system that is designed to cut down on laundry... the bum genius diapers are a favorite of many, too. check out all the other brands available. honestly you are going to deal with poo w/disposable diapers too, puppy, and in my opinion you may as well check out the more environmentally friendly options. they make diaper sprayers that make washing poop off the diapers a cinch. there are so many adorable cloth diapers you can choose from... it's really so much more fun than disposables!
kia kia 8 years
I have always wanted to use cloth diapers. My parents used them on me with diaper service and old school diapers. I am thrilled to see how much they have improved over the years.
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
If poop didn't make me and my husband gag (yes I know you're all wondering why have children, I can deal with it just not all the time) I would go with cloth or if we had a diapering laundry service here, I would definitely choose cloth
Chrstne Chrstne 8 years
This is a unique cloth diaper that I will definitely use when I have children. I have dealt with cloth diapers before, not like this, but boy they were a pain in the ass -- it' obvious why we use disposables. This looks like it'll cut down on mess and inconvenience. If they still have them in 5+ years, I will be all over them.
kdottt kdottt 8 years
Why didn't my comment show up?
FrankiLee FrankiLee 8 years
I will definitely be using cloth diapers the next time around! That is appalling!
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