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Coffee and Kids

Lil Community: Is Decaf Coffee Safe For Kids?

Parenthood brings up a whole host of issues. Betty Wayne asks our readers for some advice in The Mommy Club group.

I'm a tea drinker myself, but on the rare occasion I do enjoy a cup of coffee I'll often let my little one have a taste and she loves it. Besides the obvious concerns about sugar content (I like it sweet) and the possibility of turning her on to a serious caffeine habit as an adult (caffeine leaches calcium from your bones big-time), are there any reasons I shouldn't let her have an occasional cup of decaf as a special treat?

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Frankle Frankle 7 years
Everything in moderation ;) And like MissSushi said, if she learns to do it responsibly, she wont abuse it later. :)
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
I don't think its a big deal once in a while. Thats the same way I feel about soda, or cookies, etc. I only think its a big deal when it becomes habit, or something totally out of control. In my opinion, banning something totally goes the other way with kids. If you let them have it occasionally, and responsibly, it doesn't become a stigma. I've commented the same way on all of these because my mother was insanely strict during my childhood and two of my sisters became obsessed with junk food once they were able to get it without her supervision, like at school.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 7 years
My daughter used to LOVE coffee when she was a baby. I'd give her a cup of decaf now and then. I could find no reason not to let her have some decaf every once in a while. She eventually lost her taste for it. Now she tells me, "Only grown-ups drink coffee. You did almost forgot. Silly mom, what would you do without me!"
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