Have your cup of joe and don't worry about junior. Kate Hudson is one celeb mama who indulges in her cup o' caffeine.

A recent study showed that pregnant women who drink caffeine in moderation are not more at risk for a miscarriage. But since less than two cups of coffee were consumed on a daily basis, it's questionable whether drinking more could have an adverse effect.

Dr. David A. Savitz of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City who conducted the study said past research had similar results. To finish the post,


A Reuters article said:

Most women in the study who drank coffee or other caffeinated beverages consumed about 350 milligrams of caffeine daily before they became pregnant and in very early pregnancy, equivalent to 1.7 7-ounce cups of brewed coffee a day. At the time of the interview, their average caffeine intake had fallen to 200 milligrams.

Savitz and his team followed 2,407 pregnant women and 258 miscarried.

Did you drink coffee while pregnant?