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Colin Farrell Speaks Out About Angelman Syndrome

Sugardaddy: Colin Farrell

Many a lady has crushed on the Irish actor Colin Farrell at one time or another. His bad boy image, sailor mouth, smoking ways are not what many women would call "father material." But since the birth of his son James, which is Colin's middle name, Hollywood's devilish leading man has revealed a softer, caring side.

To learn more about this smokin' hot Sugardaddy,


In September 2004, Colin Farrell and his ex–girlfriend Kim Bordenave welcomed their darling son into their lives. While the parents union was not set to last, that of father and son has endured and continues to grow stronger.

The famous Dubliner's son James was diagnosed with a neuro–genetic disorder called Angelman's Syndrome, which is often characterized with developmental delays, stiff, jerky gait, absent speech, excessive laughter and seizures. Previously afraid to discuss his son too much in public, Farrell has taken advantage of his time in the spotlight to discuss the chromosomal defect. As reported in People, he said:

I didn't talk about my son [but] I felt like I was betraying him, like it could be misconstrued as shame, which would be terrible, because he's such a celebration.

It's just different. It's not different to me. He has his own path. He's just brilliant. He's nothing but a gift. As far as I'm concerned he's exactly the way he should be."

Clearly the rugged foreigner is delectable eye candy, but his efforts to raise awareness of Angelman's Syndrome have earned him Sugardaddy status.


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sweetnsour sweetnsour 9 years
love this Colin as an actor...what a wonderful guy.
SUMMER285 SUMMER285 9 years
i meantyou are no. one in my book,
SUMMER285 SUMMER285 9 years
to: teriann thank you for the info, i'm so happy, colin loves his son so much that no girl friend can come between them and he is going to pass on ,on any girl friend which easly can be replaced, to be with his son, any one who tries to keep you away from your son who needs you so much to be a part his life , needs to be get rid off , i knew colin is a fantastic dad, way to go colin, you are no. one in my bood and i am sure in every one els’s book as well, i love you colin.
teriann teriann 9 years
Colin is staying in States 2nd March 2008 By Ken Sweeney COLIN Farrell has told his student sweetheart he will never return to live in Ireland because he needs to be near his sick son. Dublin student Muireann McDonnell, 22, last month revealed the coupleís relationship was back on after a short split. But pals fear they could part for good over the starís refusal to base himself in Ireland and her reluctance to move to LA when she finishes her studies at Trinity College. A pal said: They are happy at the moment but they have some big decisions to make. Colin, 31, says it breaks his heart to be away from his four-year-old son James for even a few days. Last year he revealed the boy suffered from Angelman syndrome, a genetic disorder which affects physical and mental development. And since then he has devoted himself to helping Jamesí mum, ex-girlfriend Kim Bordenave, 37, by giving her ìall the support I can possibly give. The actor, in Ireland for the premiere of new movie In Bruges, said: Sure, I love Ireland. It ís great craic meeting all my mates. Sometimes I think, Jesus this is so good. Why aren’t I always here? The answer is my son. He lives in the US with his mam and he needs his dad there too. This ís my job as a dad and where I have to be. End of story. ——————————————————- this is one of the qualities i love about colin , being the greatest dad ever , he is no. one dad.
tamrala tamrala 9 years
and he is the greatest dad ever.
tamrala tamrala 9 years
a beautiful picture of them tegether and at the same time it brakes my heart, because i remmber how he was trying to protect his son from papaz so he won't scared of papaz because this picture was taken at time that we didn't know about his son's situation and we were saying why is he so protective of his son, shame on us, now i know why, god forgive me. god bless,colin , his son james and his family and i hope he gets well soon.
JessieSP JessieSP 9 years
They look so cute together. And you can do nothing but respect Colin. If he wants to stay private then that's fine with me.
talie talie 9 years
colin is brillent actor and excellent father and i am so happy to see how his son james has changed him.
cita77 cita77 9 years
he is the hottest dad, with a heart of gold.
PONIE22 PONIE22 9 years
this is so touching , it made me cry, for colin to say all these nice things about his son and be so positive about him and his future, colin is the no. one. dad.
lulu8758 lulu8758 9 years
and he is awesome in bruges, check it out you would love it.
lulu8758 lulu8758 9 years
i love him more and more every day, he is such nice guy and the best dad in the whole world.
amh678 amh678 9 years
He could not have said that more perfectly.
HipMom HipMom 9 years
What a wonderful thing to say. I swear, the way the behave with children says so much about a person.
karlorene karlorene 9 years
very positive message... as a student learning how to be a Speech Pathologist, I fully aprove :)
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