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Diaper bags have come a long way since the days when your momma was carrying hers around.

Share the diaper bag that you currently carry, the one you've got your eye on, or just those that you think are cute. Bookmark your find on TeamSugar and if you tag your finds as "Favorite Diaper Bags," I'll do a recap of everyone's picks next week. I already added the swank Juicy Stroller Bag, as well as the adorable Jimeale Bag. Feel free to add as many as you'd like — I know there are some mommies out there who'd love help in search of the perfect bag.

Not sure how to bookmark in Team? geeksugar has written an explanation of how to bookmark items on TeamSugar if you need a helping hand.

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roxtarchic roxtarchic 8 years
i just use my ridiculously HUGE purse & throw in a lil diaper/wipe holder (etsy) a couple of toys and his food/bottles go in a lil insulated bag that also fits in my bag. his blanket lays on top (it's an open bucket bag). i've never been a fan of diaper bags... i'd rather spend a couple of hundred on a huge leather purse that i can overfill (or not on the days i dont need to) it was a better investment for me.
shoogerbooger shoogerbooger 8 years
I have one of the "velveteen" bags made of chenille. It has held up really well.
Aphrosette Aphrosette 8 years
Thanks shooger, I'm leaning towards the Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack (and the satchel bag for more fancy outings) my only concern is how well the fabric holds up, its kind of silky and seems like it might not last long, however, they do make a one with a plastic type coating, I'm just not liking the pattern!
shoogerbooger shoogerbooger 8 years
I have gone through so many diaper bags just to find the perfect one. First I got the Storksak Gigi, but realized I hated carrying everything on one shoulder and really wanted both hands free. Then I got the JuJuBe Packabe which can be used as a backpack or a messenger style bag, but I really didn't like the inside of the bag. I felt like the interior pockets weren't big enough to hold a wipes case and diapers, so those were constantly just floating around the bag. I ended up going with the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe and the Petunia Pickle Bottom boxy backpack which I absolutely love! The stroller clips on the skip hop are great, there is plenty of space and organizational pockets in the interior and on the exterior of the bag. You can wear it as a messenger bag leaving both of your hands free to do whatever. It is black so my husband can also use it without feeling awkward. LOL. The Petunia bag is great because it goes from messenger to backpack and has plenty of space. I seriously pack everything but the house every time I go out of the house with my son and I have found that backpacks and messenger bags are the best for me because I can juggle holding my son and everything else. I know a lot of people just leave their bag in the car when out and about, so if this is the case it won't really matter what kind of a bag you get. For me though, I take my son along with the diaper bag EVERYWHERE with me and I am always on the go. These 2 bags are AWESOME for the super active parents who want just about everything with them when they are out with their kids. Both bags can easily fit 4-5 diapers, wipes case, change of clothes, small first aid kit, nursing cover, sippy cup/bottle, snacks, changing pad, bib, sunglasses, cell, and wallet.
Aphrosette Aphrosette 8 years
I'm so excited for the results. I'm 12 weeks pregnant with my first and can't decide on a good bag, nor have any clue what I'm looking for (except that I need to be fashionable since I'll be carrying it more than my purses!!!) Yay!!!
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