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Come Lil Marking With Me: What's Your Favorite Sunscreen?

Come Lil Marking With Me: What's Your Favorite Sunscreen?

I can't seem to get the dad who was charged with criminal abuse for letting his son get a sunburn out of my head. While it seems like harsh punishment, I think we can all agree keeping your tots' skin protected is complicated. It requires the perfect combination of sunscreen, proper coverage and clothing and persistence. Lilsugar and I have tested a variety of sunscreens, but most moms I know have their own faves.

I'd love for all you cautious parents to share your favorite sunscreen for your kids by bookmarking your finds on TeamSugar. Don't forget to tag your finds as "sunscreen for kids." I'll do a recap next week of your picks.

Geeksugar has written an explanation of how to bookmark items on TeamSugar if you need a helping hand. Still don't know where to start? To see some of my favorite online stores,


Babies R Us
The Flying Pram
Layla Grayce
Modern Nursery
Modern Tots
Right Start

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ashurs-mom ashurs-mom 9 years
you have to try the Baby Silk sunscreen wipes. they're the only ones that don't break my son out, zinc and titanium dioxide (non-chemical) sunscreen and he will even put it on himself. they're the only ones i will use.
jeffkletter jeffkletter 9 years
For kids, the KINeSYS Kids spray is wonderful. It isn't in a pressurized container and doesn't use alcohol, so it goes on without the cold feeling of the other sprays. It's so light, that I usually get the back of their legs, arms and ears sprayed before they realize I'm putting sunscreen on, then we finish the job while they run away.
Great-Sommelier Great-Sommelier 9 years
BanannaBoat's spray on baby sunscreen. Works on me too. And it is so easy to apply.
techkim techkim 9 years
Liquid vitamin C is the ONLY sunscreen we use. Its fabulous and 100% natural nothing added. And as a very fair skin girl it WORKS!
radmama27 radmama27 9 years
Earths Best has good sunscreen products, heck I love it all!
roxtarchic roxtarchic 9 years
we've got the cali babies unscented & have only used it once (and didnt really wind up needing it either, we put a hat on the wee'un so i can't give it a rave review. i also purchased the stick, so i can have one in my bag at all times... just in case. i would only purchase organic products for the wee'un tho... we'll see if this one works for us when we give it a lil more of a workout!
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