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Community Tried to Ban Beloved Childhood Pastime

Community Tried to Ban Beloved Childhood Pastime

Summer is here and little kids are venturing outside to play and explore. But the Colorado neighborhood of Stapleton isn't so excited by one of the things they're doing: drawing on the sidewalks with chalk.

Stapleton's homeowner's association is trying to stop kids from scribbling on sidewalks in a shared space, arguing that "anything that offends, disturbs, or interferes with its peaceful enjoyment isn't allowed."

To hear how neighborhood moms are reacting, watch the video at The Huffington Post.

Image Source: The Huffington Post

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JenniferGodwin90198 JenniferGodwin90198 5 years
If I lived there they would have to kick us out...our driveway and back patio are always covered in sidewalk art. I encourage my and the neighborhood kids to go out and be creative. Yes it can be tacky...but to them it's beautiful, and it does wash away very easily. HOA's can be overly silly with their expectations.
SandraCooper34280 SandraCooper34280 5 years
I heard about this several weeks ago on the news station out of Denver. First of all this is just one family that is having a problem with the HOA and one child who using the SHARED concrete area for her art. My answer is to keep the child on your own concrete not the shared areas. That is the jist of this whole thing.
JennaNorton JennaNorton 5 years
This is why I would never buy a house where there is an HOA. Who would? If I am going to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a home I don't want someone telling me what color I can paint my house, what my yard should look like. Granted it's nice when neighborhoods look nice, but not worth all of the bullcrap.
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