At 26 weeks pregnant, I take compliments where I can get them. I ran out to grab lunch the other day and the cashier told me he liked my dress. Flattered, I said, "Thank you! And the big bump to go with it!" He smiled and replied, "It's beautiful."

Feeling pretty good, I walked out of the cafe and told my coworker, "Did you hear that nice cashier? He just said my bump was beautiful." Out of nowhere, the woman walking behind us said, "Are you talking about the guy behind the counter?" I looked at the stranger and confirmed her inquiry. She said, "Oh... he always says nice things to everyone. He just likes to give out compliments." And just like that, I was robbed of the kind remark. I said, "Well thanks for that. Thanks for taking that away from me." But lo and behold, we stopped into another cafe to grab a drink and a another woman smiled at me and said, "You look so cute pregnant!" All was well with the world again.