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Congress May Make it Easier for Schools to Serve Unhealthy Lunches

Congress May Make it Easier for Schools to Serve Unhealthy Lunches

It's not always easy to get your kids to eat their veggies and fruits, but when we're talking about the tomato sauce on a pizza slice, it's usually not an issue. So why skimp on a good thing?

Apparently that's what Congress is fixin' to do. While the USDA has been trying to raise the school lunch vegetable serving size to a half cup and restrict salt and starch, a pending bill, released Monday, would allow just two tablespoons of tomato sauce on a pizza slice to count as a full serving of vegetables.

Washington Post columnist Valerie Strauss blames the move on lobbyists from potato-growing states. She says they want schools to continue to serve up lots of cheap, unhealthy foods like French Fries. Some schools say they need this freedom as well, since healthy foods are more expensive.


But Strauss counters, "What’s really going on is that Congress is putting on a rather shameful display of catering to corporate interests, giving kids a real lesson in how politics works — and how, in the end, it’s not really all about the kids."

Read the whole story here and Strauss's editorial here (The Washington Post)

Should schools be allowed to save money by serving up nutrition-poor school lunches?

Image Source: via The Washington Post

MargaretMMerrickakaMargie MargaretMMerrickakaMargie 5 years
Lunch is sometimes the only meal some children have. Has anyone thought about this? If parents can afford it, they need to start packing their child's lunch. But so many parents are working these days and so many parents are barely making ends meet. How about sending the bill for school lunches to the people in government who have enough money for fancy cars and trips but will not pass a bill for better lunches for our children?!
LaressaMarengere LaressaMarengere 5 years
If you research the governments guide to healthy eating its based on who paid the most for 'advertising' for instance if the fishermen paid more than the beef farmers the guide indicates that we need to eat more fish.
CoMMember13613656400601 CoMMember13613656400601 5 years
Some schools, have now banned allowing parents to pack their kids lunchs, because they believe they can provide healthier lunchs. Two tablespoons of tomato sauce is a far cry of whats needed for a full serving of vegetables.
ShawnCummings ShawnCummings 5 years
This is ridiculous. What is going on in schools period is ridiculous. It really shows how little the politicians care about the children of this country.
CoMMember13631168226529 CoMMember13631168226529 5 years
School lunches have gotten ridiculous! I remember one year when my son was in school they served some kind of "nugget" 4 out of 5 days a week. I thought this was to be providing a healthy hot meal for children who may not be getting enough nutrious food at home.
DeniseWelch78956 DeniseWelch78956 5 years
And this is why I pack my sons lunch every day!!
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