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A Controversial Punishment for Fighting at School (VIDEO)

A Controversial Punishment for Fighting at School (VIDEO)

When two students at Westwood High School in Mesa, Arizona got into a fist fight earlier this week, the principal came up with an unusual punishment: holding hands.

The students chose the hand holding punishment over suspension, and had to sit in the school courtyard for an hour as other students taunted and teased. 

While some support the principal's decision, others say the punishment encouraged bullying by other students and sent an anti-gay message that boys holding hands is an embarassment. 


The school district has issued a relase noting it does not condone the principal's behavior, and will be reviewing the matter as well as going over district protocol regarding student discipline with all administrators.

Read the full story at the Huffington Post >>

Image Source: KPHO via Huffington Post

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FaithM86392 FaithM86392 4 years
This was a good ideal, and if bullying does starts then he has to deal with those kids ...harshly.
BeckyKuehn BeckyKuehn 4 years
The principal did the RIGHT thing here! He made these kids stop and think about what they were doing and they had a CHOICE! He is to be commended! I would LOVE to have a Principal who thinks like this at my grandchildren's school! Thank God there are some teachers out there that understand !
AmandaBrower AmandaBrower 4 years
Way to go principal! Rock on, these boys need to be taught a lesson and as far as promoting anti-gay behavior, it most definitely is an embarrassment to society for guys to hold hands and be involved in relationships, so let it be known!
MartelizeLaubscher MartelizeLaubscher 4 years
@ Bronwyn. Are you from Africa because in South Africa, where I'm fromthat is not what "usually" happens. We have vigilante acts in our townships but us normal people "usually" lets the justice run it's course.
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