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Couple Carrying Terminal Miracle Baby to Full-Term

Couple Carrying Terminal Baby to Donate Organs Doesn't Want You to Be Sad

In a late-night post to Facebook on Feb. 17, Royce Young shared an emotional tribute to his wife, Keri, who is pregnant with a little girl who isn't expected to live longer than 36 hours after birth. Eva was diagnosed with anencephaly when Keri was 19 weeks pregnant, meaning that she would be born with parts of her brain missing, but Keri decided she wants to carry Eva to term so that the couple can spend precious minutes with her, then donate her organs. Although this news is tragic, Keri doesn't want anyone to be sad for them — yet.

"She's healthy right now, and I love feeling her kick, and that was surprising," Keri told Good Morning America. "She's as perfect as she's going to be right now. So I don't want to give that up. Now is not the time to be sad. I keep telling people we have a whole lifetime to be sad. But now, she's alive and she's kicked and for this pregnancy, that's the most joyful part."

Keri and Royce have been keeping followers informed on Eva's journey along the way. In the first week of March, Keri posted to Facebook to let everyone know that her fluid is stable and her belly is growing and that Eva is growing as well. "Our hope is it continues to stay that way," she wrote. "It's the little victories!"

Although the couple admits in their video interview that terminating the pregnancy was an option they thought about, ultimately, they feel the regret of not helping other children who could use Eva's organs would be too great. Because Eva means "giver of life," naming their girl was the easy part. Her organs have the potential to help dozens of others hoping for a miracle, to which Royce says, "Eva can be that miracle and do more in her 24 hours than maybe we'll ever do in our lives."

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