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Coupon-Clipping Mom Denied Discounts

Coupon-Clipping Mom Denied Discounts

So many families work hard to save money, putting great time and effort into locating discounts. How would you feel if a store wouldn’t honor its coupons because you’re getting too good at finding and using them?

As the Daily Mail reports, mother-of-ten Khadijah Herring was allegedly told by a Kroger store manager that she couldn’t use her coupons because she was a 'habitual coupon user.' At the time, Herring was trying to purchase 20 bottles of body wash.

Read the whole story here.

Should there be limits on using coupons?

Image Source: dmdonahoo via Flickr/Creative Commons

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CalynLeakeZeiger CalynLeakeZeiger 4 years
Anyone that has worked in accounting at a grocery store (me) knows that manufacturer coupons are like legal tender to the store. Giving the casher a coupon for $1.00 off is just like giving the cashier a one dollar bill. Stacking them with store coupons is no different to the store then using the store coupon alone (and we want them to use that coupon because it gets them in to the store to spend money, we don't care if the money is the manufacture's through coupons or their own from their pocket or a mix of both). My experience is the managers that have issues with coupons are either flat out jerks with elitist issues (and seriously, you are a manager at a grocery store... what do you have to feel elitist about?) or they don't understand the premiss of how the coupons work for the store. Hopefully Kroger corporate takes care of this. They at least should understand how bad it is for your bottom line as a store to refuse money.
RitaFinley RitaFinley 5 years
It's fun to get great deals with coupons but overuse is not sustainable; retailers and manufacturers need to be profitable
jayKoh90180 jayKoh90180 5 years
is that legal?
RachelFox4934 RachelFox4934 5 years
I don't think that's right at all!! I can understand IF there is a specific coupon limit in the coupon policy...I don't think its fair that just because youare a "hibitual couponer" you are there for profiled before you even start shopping...seeing as how they obviously know who you are..they could just tell you no b/c they don't want to deal with it. That's not fair. Putting a limit on using coupons for products is about as dumb as they store telling you can only buy X amount of a product even without a coupon... I don't think they would be complaining then.
MelodieCrawley MelodieCrawley 5 years
I believe their should only be a limitation on coupons if the store only has limited stock. So for an example, if there is a 2 day sale on soda and the store has brought in enough stock so what they figure will sell it would be unfair for the coupon clippers to buy it all leaving none for others. But if there is sufficient stock there should be no problem.
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