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Crazy for Crazy 8

Stores that have affordable wardrobe staples for little boys are few and far between.

My 11-month-old son is growing a mile a minute and with his current hobbies of rummaging through the garbage, washing his hands in the toilet and climbing on things, who wants to pay Janie and Jack prices for a four week wear?

A couple of months ago, I was tipped off to a new shop — Crazy 8, a hoodie and henley heaven where the boys section almost outshines the girls. The store which opened in August is The Gymboree Corporation's latest offering providing "cool clothes for kids' crazy lives". And, an answer to my son's clothing crisis. My last shopping spree set me back a mere $140 for 17 items.

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cbgmick cbgmick 9 years
Thanks for the post... I haven't visited Crazy 8 yet. I will say I la-la-love Janie & Jack for my son (for toddlers who don't grow as fast as babies... you can frequent the sales racks and get some pretty decent deals for their great sweaters and pants) Another good place to go for really inexpensive boys clothing (and socks & underwear with nicely cloth wrapped waist elastic!!) is H&M. Some of their stuff is not quite my taste, but I have gotten some great rugby shirts and t-shirts (a thicker quality than Old Navy that holds up really well) as well as some very cute cotton sweaters.
matthews-mom matthews-mom 9 years
Didn't know about this store or site, Thanks Lil Sugar. No stores near me yet but I will be watching out...
hvnly34 hvnly34 9 years
Sounds like a great store! I think even Old Navy quality is fine for boys this age because they grow so quickly anyway. The clothes barely have time to get worn out before their grown out.
Drewsfan Drewsfan 9 years
How adorable! Thank you so much for the link!
klynnmorton klynnmorton 9 years
I just ordered from here....the site is great...thanks!
girlabouttown girlabouttown 9 years
Thanks for the tip! Babies grow so fast that he only wears something a few times and then it's put away. I've started cutting the bottom off his oneies and using them as t-shirts. I sew, but you can also hem them with iron on stitch witchery from walmart or any fabric store.
mj mj 9 years
I love Miniboden and Jcrew is great as well. not too....theme-ish or trendy.
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
Wow! I've not heard of this store. The selection looks a lot like Old Navy - so cute! What's the quality like? That's my complaint with Old Navy - I think their quality kind of sucks.
karisaamy karisaamy 9 years
Cute and affordable - great - thanks for the link
bushra bushra 9 years
sounds like a dream come true, any chance they ship to the UK? here's hoping!
jaeshizzle jaeshizzle 9 years
its so hard to find a wide selection of infant boy clothing so i'm REALLY excited to check this site out!! yay!! =)
fragiletearz fragiletearz 9 years
Awww my son is 10 months, these clothes are pretty awesome!
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