Fresh off watching Jamie Oliver dish up his Food Revolution to the states I had the chance to see blogger-turned-author Molly Wizenberg, who wrote A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table, speak about her obsession of creating memories through meals. Molly, whose documented exploration of food started with her blog Orangette, maintains a deep connection to the culinary memories of her childhood — from her late father's potato salad, to her mom's pound cake, to picnics in her home state of Oklahoma.

Though she says she's always loved food, it is the experience of sharing that food that lingers with her, and the "love of the experience" that she hopes to impart on her readers. Though she's not a mother yet, Molly has her family food recipe written.

  • On her plans for her "someday" kids:
    We will eat together. There's no denying the fact that kids' palates go through odd changes over the years, and I expect my kids will have a phase where they just eat something like Cheese Whiz — I know I did — but it's most important to me that we make an effort to create food together and sit and eat together as a family.

Finagling family meals into the daily schedule is a common mama quest (and there are a million reasons why you should make it a reality), but the effort to craft memories from those meals requires careful creativity and some foresight. How do you make memories when your family breaks bread?