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Creative vs. Traditional Baby Names

When Baby Names Get Too Creative

Bizarre names may be a birthright for celebrity babies, but what happens when a nonfamous parent comes up with an especially creative moniker? Do they rethink their decision as their child grows?, a British parenting site, found that one in five parents regrets the name they selected for their child because it was too unusual or because they'd discovered a more fitting one too late. Yet some moms who were not surveyed stand behind their creative choices, saying the more unusual the name the better.

In fact, some moms regret taking the traditional route. "I wanted to call my son Kalyb, but my husband hated it," says Angeline L. "My son is called Kyran (Irish spelling) but I still wish I could have called him Kalyb."

But being creative comes with its risks. For starters, expect others to mispronounce the name. Christina S. says no one ever calls her son Coy his real name. "Sometimes he is a Corey and sometimes he is a Codi, but very rarely is he Coy," she says. Her other son, who actually is named Codi, never stops giving her a hard time for the name she chose for him. As she explains, "It came crashing down last year when he met a girl (named) Codi, (and it was) spelled that way," she says. "I thought I would never hear the end of it."


Still, some moms wish they had give more thought to their name choice. Krista M. says she regrets the name she gave her now son Cohen, not because of teasing but because of the possibility that it's offensive. After discovering that in the Jewish tradition, his name may be considered inappropriate as a first name because of its connection to the Old Testament priesthood, she worries that his name could offend.

To save yourself from an offensive or awkward situation, it may be best to stick with traditional names. "Traditional names have stood the test of time and will continue to do so," says Amelia, whose children's names are Henry Arthur and Amelia Kathleen. "Cutesy made-up names only last so long and most of them are stupid."

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, POPSUGAR.

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Christy15373650 Christy15373650 3 years
Uh . . . how can people misspell Bob? I've never seen that one! LOLOLOL!!!
Christy15373650 Christy15373650 3 years
BrittneyD, I like the name Eisenhower too! It's easy to remember because it's unique! And easy to spell because we've all seen it in our history books. Good choice, in my humble opinion.
Christy15373650 Christy15373650 3 years
PriscillaMcConnell, I don't think the names you picked are over the top or begging for attention. They are unique and not hard to remember or spell. I like them and I think their special too!
Christy15373650 Christy15373650 3 years
Thank you, HeatherPeters39220. You expressed my same opinion very eloquently. Be careful, CarlaYoung might lambaste you for having a different opinion then hers. And then label you as a "PEOPLE LIKE YOU." I only posted my opinion, which is what this article wanted from it's viewers. Don't worry, I won't go on and on and on about how I think I'm right. That's what crazy people do. They spend way too much time on sites posting angry replies to people they never meet and ultimately have no power in their lives. Unless they give them power.
HeatherPeters39220 HeatherPeters39220 3 years
As a teacher, crazy names and even WORSE- crazy spellings drive me- and usually their poor owners, to distraction. You want to be unique and one of a kind, but that doesn't come from a name, it comes from a person's spirit and heart. Getting laughed at, or having to pronounce and spell your name in each class is not fun. Having to continually be the kid who has to correct spellings, or put up with your name being spelled wrong is not 'self esteem' building. In a world where the only thing you want to do is fit in, it's not easy being the one who sticks out for something as shallow as a name. I will also tell you having to memorize 5 different spellings for each name is irritating. (Katelyn, Kaytlyn, Caitlyn, Kate-Lynn, Catelyn etc) It seems to me parents who choose 'one of a kind' names are trying desperately to be noticed, for themselves to be considered unique, and don't think what an adult with these names will feel. Professor....Apple? Pear? Ambassador....Destiny? La-A (pronounced la dash ah) In the end, each year the 'specialness' continues. One thing that teaching has shown me is that no matter the story behind the name, no matter the 'meaning' of the name; none of that has any bearing on the child or who they become.
PriscillaMcConnell PriscillaMcConnell 3 years
My 3 little boys are named Silas Benjamin, Cannon Theodore and Reeve Michael. They get compliments on their names almost daily. I LOVE their names. I think it's unique but not too crazy sounding. I wanted something that was a happy medium. If I ever have a little girl I'll name her either Karly Samara or Samara Grace. The middle names of all 3 of my boys are family names. The first name I wanted to be unique and special for just them.
CarmaYoung CarmaYoung 3 years
Christy, I have to disagree. People can misspell "Bob". What you may consider a hinderance, I do not. I don't think of their names as "boys".... you do. Same can be said for Jordan, Taylor, Erin/Aaron, Casey, Jamie, Reese, Sage, Jesse, Riley, Ashton, Addison, Shannon, Robin, Shelby, Devon, Sammie, Kelly, Stacey, Logan, Morgan, Hunter, Tyler, Ryan, Charlie, Cameron, Carey, Avery, Aubrey, Skylar, Dakota, Alex, Dylan, Blake, Parker, Payton, Tegan..... OMGsh, the list is so long. Just because you consider the names I chose as boyish, I don't. I never did. And I didn't choose my children's names based on celebrities. Please! I'm not that shallow and certainly, not that immature & crass. I heard Chandler while I was in my teens & fell in love with it..... never once have I accredited my daughter's name to that of a Friends' fictional character. And as for Caydynn.... her father chose that name after seeing it in a news story. Since he almost lost his life before our baby was born, I didn't see the need to take his naming his daughter away from him. And just so you know.... she's 3 & knows how to spell her entire name. See.... she doesn't have to worry about her name so much as worrying about encountering people LIKE YOU. The ones who have no patience, no compassion & no tolerance. It's not her name she will have to worry about with people LIKE YOU; it will be EVERYTHING. You sitting in judgment of a child's name just proves it. Who would ever take another person's choice of name to task & lambaste it like you have? PEOPLE LIKE YOU. You have judged me as someone who instantly thought I chose something with a celebrity connection to make my children creative & special but there was more behind the choices than PEOPLE LIKE YOU can give credit for. You use words such as "one more irritant on the list of life" & how my children will grow up thinking I wanted someone other than them & how I'm obsessed with a TV show.... it leads me to believe you live a sad life & are trying to color with me the same brush. I don't raise my children to look at life as you do. And my daughters know very well how/why/where their names come from. See, I talk to them quite a bit & believe in honesty; just as I do with their brother. I also try to raise them with compassion & tolerance. The bottom line is: every name has a story behind it. No matter what, there is a story. But PEOPLE LIKE YOU don't want to hear the story..... you're too busy looking for the "fodder to talk about behind their backs". God love the world my children have the misfortune to live in if they must encounter PEOPLE LIKE YOU!
ChristyTaylor68382 ChristyTaylor68382 3 years
But it won't be the only thing she has to combat. It will only be one more irritant on the list of life. Not to mention it'll be hard for her to learn how to spell her name and an irritant for every teacher or employer she ever has. Their gonna grow up thinking you wanted boys and you were obsessed with the t.v. show, Friends. People that try to imitate celebrities give their kids weird names. They think it makes them creative & special, but it only gives others fodder to talk about behind their backs.
CarmaYoung CarmaYoung 3 years
My two daughters are named Chandler Grace & Caydynn Maria. I named them for how the name felt in my heart when I spoke it & how I wanted it to look when I wrote it. I figured since I was the one who had to say it, yell it, write it.... it better feel good to me. I also gave them some pretty amazing middle names in case there came a day when they wanted something different. Many may argue with how I spelt Caydynn (pronounced Kay-den) but I wanted her name to be different. My name is Carmalena & I have battled all my life with both the intelligent & idiotic people who can't pronounce it or spell it. Big deal. If this is all she has to combat in this life, she will be truly blessed. As the girls get older, they are more & more recognized for their "not-so-generic" names. I have many a person (mostly men, funnily enough) who have stopped me to say how much they love the girls' names. As we are quickly immersing ourselves into competitive sports, I think it's pretty cool for my girls to stand out amongst the crowd.
brandymiller53518 brandymiller53518 3 years
My children are Samuel Donald Nottingham Ben Mackenzie and Susie Moira. Sam at age ten.. hates Samuel.. but loves Nottingham... its a family name.. and each son in a generation gets it to keep it alive. Mackenzie the same.. my MIL maiden name.. and Susie... is my sisters name and Moira is my BF name. But I swear that of all their names its Susie that is misspelled every time! I mean how hard is it? I get Suzie, Suzy, Susy, and other random variations. saying that my family can not say Moira.. but they are american and its a Scottish name. hehe
BrittneyD BrittneyD 3 years
My son's name is Eisenhower, we call him Ike and everybody knows how to say it when they see it even if they don't know how to spell it when we say it. And we LOVE it
Marie15369707 Marie15369707 3 years
I named my first daughter Aaralyn. Yea people say it wrong alot. But I don't regret it. Her greatgreatgrandmas name was Carolyn and I wanted to do something that sounded like Carolyn. Thats how I tell people to say it, it sounds like Carolyn except replace the C sound with the A sound.
CJHirning CJHirning 5 years
I agree with Amy Thomas. You need to think about how your child's name (and spelling of it) will affect them. Though there's nothing wrong with wanting a unique name. My daughter's name is Clover, unique, but unlikely for people to be pronouncing or spelling wrong continuosly through her life (although, the person who decorated her birthday cake this year spelled it with a K, which completely confused me) And really, traditional or common names can be hard on a kid as well. Me and my siblings (Stephen, Christen, and Jacob) all have commonly used names(mine's spelling's not that common and got mispronounced alot when I was a kid), and we had to deal with having the same name as several other kids in our classes at school, which was quite irritating. So really unique or common, names cause kids problems either way. I have went by CJ since I was 4 because of how many other Kristen's I knew growing up. I had teacher's call me Christian, Christine, Christina....really even names who's spelling matches up with thier pronunciation get pronounced wrong. I wanted my children to have more unique names, but I made sure that I picked a name that was unlikely to be mispronounced, or difficult to say. Most everyone that has met my daughter thinks her name is beautiful and it fits her perfectly. (though we did have one person say it was a dog name when I was pregnant. Which I found quite insulting, and ridiculous....dogs have people names all the's not like I called her Rover, or Spot.
AmyThomas11594 AmyThomas11594 5 years
I think the answer is to find a happy medium. You want a name that is going to stand out and be memorable, but at the same time not so unusual that it can't be pronounced. We went with a unique name for our daughter, who is named Neela. I had a few people question it, but mostly everyone loves it. They found it creative and still easy to pronounce. And for those who don't care for unique names, no worries. Everyone should feel free to name their child as they see fit, without hearing how they made the wrong decision from others.
ShilohLearner ShilohLearner 5 years
I would have to disagree slightly. Although, I do agree a unique name is in many ways superior in life. For instance, in trying to get a job and then in the process of gaining patrons, your name is a very effective tool to be remembered and stand out even if you have the personality of a damp towel. For instance, my name is Shiloh Shelagh...although I have never used it in business, I have never had a person forget my name even if they have only met me once. I also get a compliment from every new person I meet. I can honestly say I am very proud of my name and have though my mother repeatedly for the name. Funny story: the reason I and my siblings are all named unique names, is due to my mother's loathing of the feeling of being the 5th Debbie Lynn in her childhood class of 13 children, and my father's name being Jon , he agreed with her for he had the same problem with his name. In my opinion, a name is a child's way to feel unique and special in a world of anonymity.
StephanieTranter StephanieTranter 5 years
My only thought is sometimes children's names that their parents have given them are TOO differently spelt to the usual name spelling of their name and looks rediculous. of course its their choice what they do thats just my opinion. and my other bother is i want to know that my poor child will be actually able to spell and write her name without it being a rediculously hard obstacle. My daughters name is Ruby. But i didn't name her that because it was easy to write and spell but im glad that it is. she will have no problem with her name :) the one other bother is that you have to think about the fact that one day they are going to be old and wrinkly and in a nursing home. the name must suit an old person as well as a little baby, child, etc etc.
LisaFeeney23632 LisaFeeney23632 5 years
I have 3 daughters named Alacia, Kylie, And Jesenia. Even with one having a traditional name people still pronounce it wrong. So name your children what you want because in the end people will still call them what they want.
SavannahNuminen SavannahNuminen 6 years
When I was pregnant I looked through who knows how many baby name books. There were some names I really liked and some I didn't. Everyone has their own tastes, however be mindful that it's your child who has to live with the name and not you. Names like Schmoopie (I swear I found that in a baby name book!!) and Audio Science are not good names no matter how you try to spin 'em. I liked the name Finley for a girl...No one else did, but it doesnt really matter because I have 2 boys: Jeremiah James and Isaiah Levi. So just keep in mind that it's ok to be creative, but be careful that you dont cross the line into the ridiculous!! (By the by love the name meadow!!)
PriscillaMcConnell PriscillaMcConnell 6 years
My sons names are Silas, Cannon and the third will be named Reeve. I love their names and they are unique but awesome. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if mom and dad agree and think it over for awhile, thinking of their children then that's the key.
MychaelWellsDubois MychaelWellsDubois 6 years
My mother gave me the name 'Mychael' lots of people mistook it for being pronounced differently then Michael, they asked if i was sure it wasn't 'Mikel' or 'Michelle' and then my mothers co-workers gave me grief about naming my daughter Prudence. They said it was old fashioned and she would get teased when she hit school, well now she is two and has a 10 month old brother named Aleron, and everyone I meet says their names are adorable. I personally hated my name growing up because of the teasing, but grew to understand it made me unique and was part of who I am. And I hope my children grow to feel the same way about their names.
apriljoy6005 apriljoy6005 6 years
Growing up as April Joy (my mom used both names together growing up) I loved my unusual name. My husband was Bob, and hated being one of several. In college there was even another Bob Moore in our dorm. So both our children got unusual names - both actually are last names we made into first names. Ryker James and Manet (rhymes with Renee) Noel. They are 18 and 20 and both love their unique names. Though for a while in preschool they were Na-Na and Rocko - what they called each other - and I worried I would ever get their beautiful names back, but I did.
RachaelFikesMaxson RachaelFikesMaxson 6 years
When a name is misspelled too much it will always lead to problems for the child even when they are an adult. It's just a true fact. Another Rachael commented on her name and I have had to deal with my own family misspelling it (even one family member as they were writting me a note on facebook where my name is about an inch above where they are writting). So as long as your willing to accept the constant misspellings of your childs name there is no worries. I love the way my name is spelled, and I don't anger at the people who misspell it or for that matter correct people unless I am signing a legal document! I have thought of this as I have named my own two children. Wanting fun names without the burden on them, of their name never being spelled right!
MarilynBee MarilynBee 6 years
This article is crap. Unusual names are not stupid. They show that the parent actually put some effort into the name and are creative, not boring. Stupid is ending this article with that ridiculous quote.
LiezelNewman LiezelNewman 6 years
What's in a name? Lots! But each to his own. I've always liked classic names. Names which never "go out of fashion" and which wouldn't sound "silly" when used in adulthood. My children are Maxwell Mason and Kristina Angela.
SylviaFoster26593 SylviaFoster26593 6 years
It does not matter whether a name be old fashioned, common, unusual, or completely odd, if a child gets enough grief as a result of wearing it, don't be surprised if they change it by deed poll when old enough. I have known several people who have done this even when their given name seemed lust as normal as their chosen name. Parents can only do their best at the time by their child. How the child likes it is a future problem to be dealt with at that time.
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