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The Creepiest Baby Shower Cakes (PHOTOS)

The Creepiest Baby Shower Cakes (PHOTOS)

Imagine being presented with a baby shower cake that features your protruding breasts and belly as many as four little baby feet trying to push their way out. You'd better hope your morning sickness is a thing of the past!

What do you think, is this trend in baby shower baking funny...or gross?

See more belly cakes (Cake Wrecks)

Image Source: via Cake Wrecks

Frank14908254 Frank14908254 4 years
I think it's cute :)
EleanorEvans33058 EleanorEvans33058 5 years
I think if the mom to be is happy who cares what anybody else thinks! People's opinions don’t raise kids happy parents do!
Julie81316 Julie81316 5 years
I thnk that marraige AND parenting are taken far to comical these days - What happened to descretion and modesty - I would be offended given a cake like that... swollen tummies ARE NOT CUTE OR for display!
stacyjoyce71572 stacyjoyce71572 5 years
I think this new cake idea is pretty cool!!! I think it's absolutely adorable, cute and fresh! It's 4 new mommies so i don't think anyone should be offened due 2 that the showers are basically 4 woman anyway, if men were there it might be different when showing things coming out of the vagina. Gotta love it though!!
KatrinaMayer22828 KatrinaMayer22828 5 years
Those are actually two sets of hands and two sets of feet. Being a cake artist that is actually a very popular baby shower design
pixiedust8 pixiedust8 5 years
It's not what I'd want, but someone obviously cared enough to make or commission these for the mother-to-be, so that part is sweet.
jodi-shaw jodi-shaw 5 years
Those are awful
JoyYates9254 JoyYates9254 5 years
It's not for me, but it may be for someone else. Nowadays people are allowed to express their ideas of fun and humor, whether it is disturbing or gross to others. As long as the receiptant knew about it, and approved it, I don't see why a person couldn't have it at their shower. For me, I think I will stick with the traditional stork or baby carriage though.
ColleenChubbKnipple ColleenChubbKnipple 5 years
Those are gross and sorry I am missing the artistic part...
TerrieHumphries TerrieHumphries 5 years
Okay, actually the one with the baby with the ambilical cord still attached is a work of art, but not one I would want to eat. I would feel like a canable. lol
KristiKamp KristiKamp 5 years
I don't think its funny, gross, morbid, disgusting, etc. What I do find it is a little weird... I guess from an artistic personality its kinda cool, but I wouldn't want it for my baby shower.
StaceyAtwoodBandell StaceyAtwoodBandell 5 years
umm these were worse.. also on cake wrecks..
DeniseMcKnight12055 DeniseMcKnight12055 5 years
TheresabuteveryonecallsmeTraciEllenberger TheresabuteveryonecallsmeTraciEllenberger 5 years
Looks like an alien ate two babies alive. Just say NO!
sharonpaul91667 sharonpaul91667 5 years
geez, if you dont like it, dont have one. what a boring and limited type of topic.
KatrinaZappelliSimmons KatrinaZappelliSimmons 5 years
i think some people just don't have a sense of fun, its just a cake people, how can it be offensive, its artistic that what it is......people really need to lighten up
CoMMember13610644073397 CoMMember13610644073397 5 years
this is kind of morbit.
JosephineGambino JosephineGambino 5 years
one word....DISTURBING, lol.
KristiMcMannis KristiMcMannis 5 years
This one is kind of gross. Glad I didn't get one like that and I loved the whole pregnancy thing.
AliciaFord AliciaFord 5 years
I think from an artistic point of view, the babies are not in proper scale to the mother. As a cake decorator myself, I would prefer it to look a little more tasteful. But this is not gross, or weird. Its fun and goofy. I love prego belly cakes. Theres nothing wrong or gross about it. its CAKE people. youre not really a cannibal. and what part of that belly and boobs looks real enough that it would make someone sick to cut into it??? Its So cartoonish, that no one could possible mistake it for the real thing. Its totally fun.
CrystalPatterson CrystalPatterson 5 years
Me personally, I think it is cute. However, I think that the person who orders the cake for a baby shower, needs to really know the person and if it fits their personality, then great. It would really be up to each and every mommy out there if they like this or not. i think it would have been cute, and rather funny if I would have had one with either of my children. But then again, every new mom has a different personality and idea of cute.
CrystalJacobson CrystalJacobson 5 years
I think I'd be affended
JennyWalker74659 JennyWalker74659 5 years
pretty creative of the baker...but it reminds me of Aliens
SondraOppedisano SondraOppedisano 5 years
I definitely like the creative aspect of it! Still, i love creepy! But I would not call it gross.
AngelaGonzalez6402 AngelaGonzalez6402 5 years
Not sure if it is funny or gross, maybe a mix of funny and weird. But definitely not offensive or gross enough to make a fuss over it!
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