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Creepy Keepsake Baby Teeth Box Is Dividing the Internet

The Internet Is Divided Over Whether This Baby Teeth Keepsake Box Is Creepy or Not

The internet is divided (as usual) over a keepsake box that is designed to hold all of a child's baby teeth, their umbilical cord stump, and a tuft of fine baby hair. Although many parents tape their baby's hair into the "First Haircut" page of the baby book and their child's teeth get saved to put under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy, this box is highly unusual and, honestly, a little much.

Shaped like the head of a young girl or boy, the wooden box ($4) was shared to the Spend With Pennies Facebook page as a "fun gift for new parents," and commenters have not held back on sharing their very mixed feelings.

"Not creepy at all, wish I had this when my son was little, I have all his baby teeth taped in a photo album, he's 34 and thought it was cool!"

"This screams creepy. If my mom pulled that out and gave this to me when I was older I would seriously have to think about what else she kept . . . a toenail box???"

"Umm am I weird or is this super creepy? Like lesson 101 on how to raise a serial killer creepy."

Sure, some moms would probably love this as a baby shower gift, but what most new parents really want is some sleep — maybe just offer to babysit instead.

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