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Cross-dressing Substitute Teacher Creates an Uproar (VIDEO)

Cross-dressing Substitute Teacher Creates an Uproar (VIDEO)

Does a public school have the right to forbid a teacher from cross-dressing in the classroom?

After a male substitute teacher at at Wy'East Middle School in Vancouver, WA taught a sixth grade class last week dressed in women's clothing, the community is trying to figure out where it stands on this question.

As reports, both state law and the Evergreen School District protect a teacher's right to cross-dress, but some students say that the sub's attire was such a huge distraction that no learning took place that day.

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Should your child's school forbid teachers from cross-dressing?

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LakiaWalker LakiaWalker 5 years
If he wants to dress like that on his own time that's his business. It's obvious that he had an agenda and it's sad that his agenda is to confuss the minds of innocent children
Holly50468 Holly50468 5 years
Are you all really MOMS or are you" friends" that are trying to legitimize a deviant culture?
Holly50468 Holly50468 5 years
Hey ..I like to have sex with sheep .. think I'll bring one into class it's all natural you know and you know I like to have sex with young boys ... I'm gerry S .... heee hee heee My gosh we wouldn't want to JUDGE ANYONE for their deviant behavior especially in front of my young children before I I have the chance to age appriopriatly present it to them . You deviates will beat me to the punch?? Maybe others ... NOT ME!!!
RitaLawrence RitaLawrence 5 years
It's really bothersome that the immediate response is a question of sexuality. If this individual identifies as a female and wants to go forth with gender reassignment, many states require that they actually live 24/7 as the chosen gender for a period of time before they will allow the individual to move forth in the reassignment process. That has no more to do with "sexual gratification" than a biological woman putting on a dress for Mass on Sunday.
CoMMember1361183182438 CoMMember1361183182438 5 years
When the teacher applied for the job, he should have been honest. If he interviewed as a male, but wanted the option of cross dressing for class, then he should have made that a condition of employment. He was hired, based on the way he presented himself. He does not have the right to force himself on anyone. I'm all for kids learning to respect people for who they are, but this teacher also needs to respect who they are, and the conditions of the job he accepted. The unexpected change would be disruptive to any classroom. - Question: If I'm a teacher who is also a nudist, do I have the right to appear in class with no clothes on, just because I choose to?
HelenAgborneeIluyemi HelenAgborneeIluyemi 5 years
what is important here is the learning.In my country, female teachers in public schools are not allowed to wear trousers- it is a point of distraction,especially for male students.I've always believed that your 'liberty' should not hurt others.This my right to do this or that can really get out of hands.Personally i don't believe this kind of behaviour should not be allowed in school.I will take an exception to it if it happens in my cihldren's school.Anyway, I don't even think such can ever be allowed here. in
alidavandongen alidavandongen 5 years
Girls are girls and boys are boys.Don"t change there thinking what they are not! God forbid!!
CoMMember13631157824861 CoMMember13631157824861 5 years
its the 21st century. at the end of the day as long as he isnt causing harm to kids and is teaching them the way any other teacher would then I say good on the guy :) x
ElizabethLarlhamOala ElizabethLarlhamOala 5 years
I really and truly do not understand the issue here. I realize the article said that kids had a hard time settling down, and were being disruptive and making jokes; however, I'd say that has more to do with a lack of common respect (and the fact that this was a SUBSTITUTE), then with the teacher himself. Children of ANY age can, and should, be taught to respect people regardless of percieved differences. And, as with any situation like this, I'm not going to raise my eyebrow at the victim, I'm going to look at the parents and wonder why their children aren't being taught how to behave in school. Before people start jumping on the "he can do that on his own time, but not in school bandwangon", they need to think about this: How many times have you seen a women, who, at first glance, you thought was a man? Or, how many women, teachers included, do you see on a daily basis that look, and act, like men? Why is it totally acceptable for women to behave this way "in front of the children", but not for a man?
ChristinaWannamaker ChristinaWannamaker 5 years
I totally agree kristal!
AmieT AmieT 5 years
I would like to violate THUMPS after reading a few of the comments... but I won't. Seriously... wow. No wonder there were kids who had to be pulled out of the class when even within this post there are grown women who are so misinformed. Perhaps educating our children to show some compassion, to teach them that not everyone is the same (nor will they ever be), and mostly to respectful even though others are different. I start to gain some hope in humanity and then I read filth like I just did on here. Just because people are different, doesn't mean they are terrible people, just different. If it weirds you out - then you need to turn that around and ask yourself why. It has nothing to do with anyone but you. I'm willing to bet the cross dressers feel just as strange dressing as the sex they are (though not their gender, sex and gender are two different things).
MargBrewerton MargBrewerton 5 years
I would not support a teacher cross-dressing while teaching. Keep it for your own time, not for your working time. What were they hoping to achieve by cross-dressing I wonder?
CoMMember13630804741047 CoMMember13630804741047 5 years
Cross dressing is a way to achieve sexual gratification - it has nothing at all to do with homosexuality. The educators need to be educated...there was absolutely NO reason for a teacher to be allowed to achieve sexual gratification in front of a room full of young children! - While we are too willing to allow people to "be who they are" the deviates in society are taking advantage of our children right under our noses. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!
adreannecastro adreannecastro 5 years
I've heard that if you'd like to get a sex change surgery then you need to dress as your desired sex for a year before they will consider operating on you. So if that's the teachers plan, then they had no choice but to dress that way.
tessbermudez tessbermudez 5 years
How is it that a person is being who they truly are by cross-dressing? When in fact they are dressing and portraying the "opposite sex". Research suggests it to be a chemical imbalance, therefore making it a medical condition, and some professional therapists believe that cross-dressing does lead to child molestation. We can no longer practice religion in the schools, why support sexual interests and practices?
Robynn93056 Robynn93056 5 years
If this guy wants to dress like a woman on his own time, fine. That is his choice. However, the school has the right to have him dress like a man while at work. It is just like any other job. If he worked as a lawyer, he would not be able to go to court dressed in women's clothing. he needs to respect his employer and the children he teaches by dressing appropriately for work. He should not be pushing his lifestyle on children that are not his. As a parent, I would definitely have a problem with my child's teacher coming to work cross-dressed.
VeronicaZundel VeronicaZundel 5 years
I've nothing against transvestites but I don't think this is at all appropriate for children. They must have been very confused.
ChrisSchulze ChrisSchulze 5 years
where are we going to draw the line? really I mean really
KristalTrafford KristalTrafford 5 years
A person has every rite to be who they really are.. whether they crossdress or not.. Everyone should be able to choose to be who they really are
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