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A Cure for the Awkwardness of Middle School

A Cure for the Awkwardness of Middle School

Did you ever feel awkward in middle school or junior high? Do you know a kid who feels different or alone? The students of Liberty Middle School in Madison, Alabama have the cure.

Using only music, placards, and messages from their hearts, they created this moving short video called "I'm Human." In it they reveal both their incredible diversity... and what we all have in common. There are moments that will make you cry ("I lost my father") and others that will make you smile ("I'm short"). 

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BelleHencon BelleHencon 5 years
This is a really good video. All middle schools should do something like this.
AshMash AshMash 5 years
Pity i don't have enough data to watch it but i do remember first year of high school was so lonely called horrible things for being small until a new girl came and i asked if i could join their Tag game sheturned into my best friend.
amyware amyware 5 years
Amazing - have to share it!
JenniferMoubray JenniferMoubray 5 years
All 9 minutes and 14 seconds of this was worth it. Middle school. We all remember.
SadekaChoudhuri SadekaChoudhuri 5 years
CoMMember13627145997125 CoMMember13627145997125 5 years
What a touching video.
NatalieSchwettman9586 NatalieSchwettman9586 5 years
I love this! Simply wonderful.
StephanieStone3056 StephanieStone3056 5 years
Every school should have to do this project!
CoMMember13631176889898 CoMMember13631176889898 5 years
I don't think this applies to just Middle School....thank you for doing it............
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