Kidoodles: Thanksgiving Turkeys For the Table

It's time to rally the troops for a day of arts and crafts that can be showcased at the holiday table. A win-win, this simple project will have everyone feeling useful, creates decor for the evening, and leaves little mess in its wake.
Supplies needed:

  • Small pumpkins
  • Peel and stick foam paper
  • Small marshmallows and a black pen (substitute googly eyes if you have some)
  • Scissors

To see how to make these colorful gourd-geous birds,


Simple Steps:

  • Cut out pieces for the turkey's body including the wattle, beak, and feathers
  • Peel the sticker side off of the feather backs and arrange them in a fan-like design. Once you are pleased with the shape, stick it to the back of the pumpkin.
  • Peel the wattle and stick it onto the turkey's face. Do the same for the beak.
  • Tear the marshmallow in half and place the two sticky sides to the face and dot them with the black marker for the eyes.
  • Peel the back of the turkey and stick the body to the front of the pumpkin. Your bird is now complete.

Allow the youngsters to peel and place the feathers and draw on the feathered friends where they see fit!

Very cute! I had a similar, edible idea: You use a scoop of ice cream as the body, stick a longish cookie with a face in as the head, and apple slices as the tail feathers. Unfortunately, I can't really say this will be leaving "little mess" lol
These are incredible!
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