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Make This Cute Bunny Cake and Pocket Sandwich

Kids love pancakes, and who would say no to a chocolate-chip version shaped like a bunny? OnSugar blogger Hazelnutt House tells us how to make this adorable treat.

Hi hi friends of Hazelnutt House. I had some National Day fun with The Tod today. We made a simple bunny cake using pancake mix and chocolate. It is a fuss free and quick way to bake with The Tod. The baking time took about 5-7 mins and the pancake "cake" was ready.  

easy baking with kids

Check out the link to the video that I made here.

rabbit cake mold from daiso

I made the bunny cakes using these silicon molds from Daiso.  

Later in the day, we made an egg sandwich using this plastic mold that I bought on GMarket. This nifty gadget encases two slices of bread and seals the sides to avoid content fallout. So, it comes in handy when preparing a snack for kids for school.


The trick is to pile the ingredients high up, in the middle of the bread. Avoid any stuffings on the side of the bread. 

Slap on another slice of bread and lay the mold onto the top of the bread.  

Press both pink and white parts downwards. This downward push seals the two slices of bread together and also removes the crusts. Here's a nice lil' pocketed sandwich. 

Here's how it looks when sliced into half.

sandwich using plastic mood

Here's how The Tod looks, happy with her lil' snack. 

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hazelnutt hazelnutt 5 years
Hi Lilgoddess :) yeah, my initial thoughts were like yours. I thought the heart shape would be part of the end product too :)
hazelnutt hazelnutt 5 years
Hi Dua, it is just a couple of dollars on gmarket :) $3plus before shipping :) just make sure your bread slices aren't squashed coz it will be too small for the mold to cut through :)
hazelnutt hazelnutt 5 years
Hi Sara, took me quite awhile to eventually purchase it coz I dunno if it will work. Checked out some videos on YouTube before getting it coz from the videos it works :)
lillgoddess lillgoddess 5 years
That mold device is too cute. But somehow I thought it would come out in the shape of a heart cos of the heart on top.
coutureandthecity coutureandthecity 5 years
I need one of those bread pockets in my life! :O They are so cool, never seen anything like it :)
icyabstract icyabstract 5 years
I've seen those bread pocket things around and always thought they were so nifty! Great for egg mayo or mayo tuna since those can get really messy with kids!
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