Many parents fret over the task of cutting their wee one's nails. Parents who forgo the chore for too long run the risk of carrying a tot around that looks like it has been dragged through a prickly rose bush. Keep the youngster's face fresh and scratch free by following these simple tips:

  • Bath time: After soaking a tot in the tub for a short amount of time their nails soften, making it easier to snip the hard edges away.

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  • Sleeping: When baby falls into a deep slumber, it's mommy's perfect opportunity to trim the nails. I keep a pair of clippers in my car, diaper bag, and my medicine cabinet so I won't miss out on an opportunity to snip while snoozing.
  • Biting: Though not a preferred personal method, some parents choose to bite the nails as they can feel where the nail ends and the skin begins. Though it may prevent mama from breaking the skin, it can also introduce germs to both mommy and baby. If choosing this route, parents should wash their tiny hands after the chore is done.

For a guide to using an emery board or clippers on tiny fingers and toes, check out the video below. Happy snipping!