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D.C. Mom Barred from Breastfeeding at DMV

D.C. Mom Barred from Breastfeeding at DMV

Another mom has been barred from breastfeeding in public.

Simone Manigo-Truell dos Santos of Washington, D.C. has filed a formal complaint after a security officer at the Department of Motor Vehicles barred her from nursing her 4-month-old son in a corridor.

Dos Santos was attempting to breastfeed her son under layers of clothing while waiting for a DMV hearing when security officers approached her and told her she wasn't allowed to breastfeed in a public corridor of a government building. A female officer explained that it was "indecent exposure." Dos Santos contacted her lawyer and learned that the D.C. Human Rights Act of 1977 says otherwise.

(The D.C. Human Rights Act of 1977 protects a woman's right to breastfeed in any public or private place where she has a right to be with her child.)


Read the full story at WTOP

After a similar incident in a Michigan courtroom last month, we want to know: have you ever been reproached for breastfeeding in public? 

Image Source: via WTOP

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MistyShue MistyShue 5 years
Some babies refuse to take milk from a bottle when they are used to nursing. I have a 4 month old and she prefers to nurse. She absolutely will NOT take a bottle with pumped milk. This is the way that God designed our bodies to be able to provide for our children. If you don't like it, don't look!!!
KarenPerkins67487 KarenPerkins67487 5 years
People need to grow up and get over breasts. Its what they are designed to do and the most natural thing in the world
LauriFunderburk LauriFunderburk 5 years
Just get you a bottle fill it with your milk and try that then when you get home or to your car you can hang them out as much as you want. Stop doing what you know is going to draw attention....pleeeeeeease ladies
MyeshaTarrant MyeshaTarrant 5 years
BridgetHoward85694 BridgetHoward85694 5 years
I wish everyone makeing it wrong to breastfeed a child anywhere should talk to GOD. He gave us the ability to take care of our offspring. Now like eveything elese someone is tring to undo HIS work. All I can say is not good the end is coming. R U ready 1 LUV
MaggiePennel MaggiePennel 5 years
The only way that breastfeeding is indecent exposure, is if she bears her whole chest to the public. If she is covered up, GET OVER IT! I breast-fed all 3 of my children and there are discrete ways to nurse a baby and if used, no one realizes what you are doing!
MelissaTebow MelissaTebow 5 years
"People stop being lazy, plan ahead and work on the bottle. " I'm sorry this is the most idiotic, uninformed comment I've ever seen! The milk a mother makes for their child and the most perfect and complete food that child can receive. Formula comes close but is not made specifically and only for that particular child. To tell a mom to give their child second best b/c it makes you uncomfortable is outrageous! People need to stop seeing breast as sexual objects, their first and foremost function is to produce food for the mothers child. On top of the fact it is very possible to be decently covered while nursing. You don't see people going around telling other people "plan ahead, don't be lazy, make sure you only eat within the confides of your own home". Sometimes all the planning ahead won't change that fact that you will need to nurse while you are out. And if it makes you uncomfortable then don't look, no ones making you look at a mother nursing. I don't like the way a lot of girls dress with super super low tops and short short skirts and whale tails sticking out, I don't go tell them to cover up, I just choose to not look at them. It's very simple.
FlechiaDungeeCunningham FlechiaDungeeCunningham 5 years
I had a lady ask me if I can do " that" in the bathroom. I then said why don't you eat your lunch in the bathroom. She walked away from me. But other then that no one has said anything to me
TanyaWeberFletcher TanyaWeberFletcher 5 years
I think that Sonja said it PERFECTLY! Well done! I breastfed my 1st daughter 21 yrs ago in public if I had to,I did make sure we were covered with a light blanket. But that was more for my modesty than anything else. I think it is a very natural thing & THAT is what we should b teaching,not that it is in any way sexual. I cannot understand anyone taking it in that direction,unless they are a moron! This world is becoming more & more twisted all the time...
EricaReynolds22404 EricaReynolds22404 5 years
I never nursed in public because I don't like making others uncomfortable. I don't like when others make me uncomfortable so not going to do it myself. If I just had to be out long enough to where I had to nurse I made sure I was able to go back to my car and nurse in the back seat. I never put myself in a position where I had to nurse in front of others because I planned ahead. I couldnt pump either but I worked on getting my babies to take a bottle in less than a month so that I had no issues at all. I'm sorry but I don't want to see nipples nursing or otherwise. There are ways around it. People stop being lazy, plan ahead and work on the bottle. Babies learn fast if the parent is willing to do the work. What would you do about feeding if your not physically able to nurse? It is your right to nurse but use common courtesy for others and go somewhere private don't just whip it out cause you can.
YudhitSafardan YudhitSafardan 5 years
I completely agree!! Nursing is my children right and mine too.
MarinaGimpelev MarinaGimpelev 5 years
Rebecca - My son doesn't take bottles. and as Sonja said: i can't pump enough for the whole day. And why should I sit in front of the pump for 45 min feeling like a cow being milked b/c some people see something sexual in my nursing my baby? it' is their problem, not mine. Thank you Sonja, very well put :)
SonjaTapparo SonjaTapparo 5 years
Rebecca - to answer your question, "What is it going to hurt to prepare a few bottles, especially if you are going to be out all day?" Not all babies respond well to changing from the breast to a bottle. One of the benefits of breastfeeding is not having to worry about keeping a bottle cool or warming the bottle before use... breastmilk from the source is always the right temperature. Not all women are ABLE to pump enough to get through a day. As for making people uncomfortable? Since when does that count as a valid reason for someone not to do something? Young girls wearing clothes that make them look like prostitutes makes me uncomfortable. People swearing in a public place offends me. Screaming children make me uncomfortable. Sagging pants and obscenities on tee shirts make me uncomfortable. And yet - I don't have the constitutional right to complain about these things because the offending party has a constitutional right to freedom of speech. Guess what? Women have the right, BY LAW, to feed their children, whether by breast or by bottle. If a breastfeeding woman makes a person "uncomfortable" they can feel free to do what I do when I see something that makes me uncomfortable.... look at something else. It's a BOOB people... there is nothing sexual, nothing perverted and nothing indecent about it.
RebeccaPonce41270 RebeccaPonce41270 5 years
OK, as a woman, I am tired of hearing mom's get so upset about the whole breast feeding issue. I never breast fed my son in public. That was my choice because yes, it makes some people uncomfortable. When I went out, I used a pump prior and made sure that he had enough breast milk to get by. I don't see what the big deal is. Sure you have a right to breast feed however, I have the right to complain if it makes me uncomfortable. And to you women who think it is ignorance, it is ignorance on both sides. What is it going to hurt to prepare a few bottles, especially if you are going to be out all day. You know your child is going to be hungry!
MichelleInett MichelleInett 5 years
I was almost thrown out of disney world for breast feeding in the corridor of the family center. I was told by security that out makes other families feel uncomfortable. I couldn't believe it. The magic kingdom, I thought, was as family frienndly place
SamanthaUeno SamanthaUeno 5 years
Guess what, no matter who thinks its indecent or not or whatever, it's protected by the LAW. And people need to know that. And do you eat under a blanket? Or in a bathroom? Babies need to eat too, and they have rights.
Vanessa14832110 Vanessa14832110 5 years
it is natural, like someone said earlier, what do you think babies were fed before formula? HELLO?!?!?! and people are becoming more and more indecent in every way, what they wear, how they talk, having no respect for themselves or anyone around them, get over it, PLEASE!!!
angelalamb angelalamb 5 years
and every health care profesional say that breast is best they even ram it down ppls throats how can they promote it when we are not aloud to do it it makes me so angry and do you know why we arent aloud to feed our babies in public because of those seedy men who have decided that breasts are a sexual object and not what they are supposed to be for FEEDING OUR YOUNG and you get the jelous gfriends who catch their perverted bfriends looking so they report it as indecent exposure GET OVER IT
DianaGonzalez55156 DianaGonzalez55156 5 years
There are such ignorant people! What a shame especially in this day and age. We have such "tolerance" for pretty mucheverything else BUT a mother can't FEED her child, the way it was MENT to be done, in public??!! She had to hide as if it were wrong or indescent? I hope she fights this all the way!!! It's wrong!!! And for the person comparing BREADTFEEDING a child to squatting and releavubg yourself in public... That's so ignorant it doesn't even deserve a response!
NaomiThomson83492 NaomiThomson83492 5 years
I breastfeed my son in public all the time. In Australia the law is very clear and you are able to breat feed anywhere. Of course we all attempt to do it discretely but for goodness sake if you're that put off by it dont look! There would be no way on earth I would feed my baby in a public toilet. Most shopping centres here have a mothers room with more comfortable chairs and changing facilities so that really helps but otherwise we should be proud we can feed and provide for our babies and if more people took a stand and fed in public then maybe it would be seen as more 'normal' or 'acceptable'.
FeyisolaTinubu FeyisolaTinubu 5 years
@ Christie Dulaney: If the woman in question had not been feeding her baby "under layers of clothing," I MAY be inclined to agree with you. However, she was. It baffles me that it is okay for women to go around in transparent clothing, BRALESS or in shorts that barely cover their butt cheeks or the crack of their butts and men go around with pants "sagging" so low most of their underwear is on display and if no underwear, hairy butts on show behind BUT it is a big deal for a woman to breast feed in public? In my opinion, If she's covered up or feeding her baby UNDER a blanket or covering, it is not a problem; however, if she is not, I do have an issue with that.
JaniceWilliams36240 JaniceWilliams36240 5 years
People who make breastfeeding an issue are lame & just plain bored with their own lives that they have nothing better to do than pick on a subject that they wouldn't even notice if they weren't such perverts & noticed everytime & womans shirt is slightly lifted!
JaniceWilliams36240 JaniceWilliams36240 5 years
It's ur right as an american to breast feed ur child where ever u please & no one can tell u otherwise! I would've told them to kiss my a$$ & continued to feed my child!
DonnaThiessen DonnaThiessen 5 years
We have boobs for one reason and that's to feed our babies. If people don't like it then don't look. Here in ON you can breast feed wherever you want.
KimberleyLaliberte KimberleyLaliberte 5 years
i was approached twice over the span of 4 kids; once by a perverted old man who sat next to me on a bench who wanted to know if i had a boy or a girl, and by someone who told me the rest rooms weren't fa, to go there instead of where I was i the mall. I replied, if you go eat your lunch in the bathroom, I'll think about it...i didn't budge. I don't like it when women pop out their boob in public or anywhere I am for that matter, but with discretion, I would never ever ask someone to change places, not only that but those people that can't get over it, judges, security guards, pretentious people, they are really perverts who can't stop thinking of the womans breasts in front of them!
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