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8 Easy (and Awesome) Forts For Kids

Mar 18 2014 - 7:33am

Every child needs a place to call their own. Unfortunately, not every home comes equipped with a playroom or even a bedroom a child can call his own. But most kids don't need an entire room to themselves — they just need a fort! Using everyday household items, you and your little one can construct a special space that can be moved throughout the house or stay in one spot. From basic blanket and table hideaways to more elaborate structures, check out these easy-to-make forts that your little one will love.

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Duct Tape Fort

With so many colors and patterns to chose from, it's easy to make All For the Boys' [2] duct tape fort into a one-of-a-kind creation.

Source: All For the Boys [3]

Twinkly Light Cave

Pull those Christmas lights out of the closet and use them to create Homegrown Friends' magical hideout [4].

Source: Homegrown Friends [5]

No-Sew Fort

It may require yards of fabric, but Sew Homegrown's Sew Home Grown's pseudotent [6] is free from needles and thread.

Source: Sew Homegrown [7]

Fridge Fort

If your refrigerator just bit the dust, use the box from the new one to build Tinkerlab's supereasy hideaway [8].

Source: Tinkerlab [9]

Igloo Fort

Even if your child's never seen snow, they can still build an igloo! All they need to re-create The Seeds Network's creation are some milk jugs and superglue [10].

Source: The Seeds Network [11]

Newspaper Fort

Featured on Modern Parents, Messy Kids, the newspaper fort is a fantastic way for older kids to build a hideaway [12] and learn about basic physics.

Source: Modern Parents, Messy Kids [13]

Bunk Bed Fort

A bunk bed was built for two, but if only one child uses it, then turn the bottom half into Petite Purls' easy felt fort [14].

Source: Petite Purls [15]

Table Fort

If you're tight on space, throw together a tiny escape using a dining room table and some blankets. To make it extraspecial, buy some fabric and create fort-only sheets that include windows and doors.

Source: Flickr user otrasventanas [16]

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