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Dad Defends Daughter Charged With Cyberbullying

Girl Accused of Cyber Bullying Says Account Was Hacked

The parents of a Florida teen who has been arrested for bullying her classmate to death and admitting online that she tormented the girl, say their daughter is not to blame, CNN reports. Rebecca Sedwick faced months of cyber abuse before she committed suicide in September. Shortly after her death, a post appeared on a classmate’s Facebook page saying, "Yes IK I bullied REBECCA and she killed her self but IDGAF (I don't give a f---)," Grady Judd, sheriff of Polk County, FL, said.

Police arrested the girl as well as another student for aggravated stalking. But dad Jose says his daughter is not to blame — he monitors her computer, cell phone, and online activity, and she was sleeping at the time the Facebook message was posted. That leads him to believe his daughter's Facebook account was hacked. Bullying is unacceptable behavior, but this case is "not as clear cut as it seems," says Andrea DeMichael, the girl's attorney. Who do you believe?

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AngelaBarker74092 AngelaBarker74092 3 years
QUOTE (from cathleenpennington) "when the sheriff's dept says they have evidence count your eggs that is all going to come out as well as IP addresses which don't lie much like people do. Obviously, one of these offenders whose father seems hell bend on denial as a defense mode would better self serve himself to find help for his family as they are so obviously broken." Let's not jump to conclusions here ..... The guy isn't necessarily lying - some person COULD have "hacked" into his daughter's account. The problem is, stupid teenagers often either share their passwords with friends OR pick a very obvious password (name of a pet for example) so it's very easy to get one's FaceBook account hacked-into in these circumstances! But as you say, IP addresses don't lie. Let's see how this case progresses .... The man may be defending his daughter because he genuinely believes her to be innocent - and if the evidence against her is conclusive - then we know he just didn't know his own child. To be honest, for a 14 year old bully to say online AFTER the victim has died "Yes IK I bullied REBECCA and she killed her self but IDGAF" is pretty hard-faced - regardless of how bad anything else was that was said beforehand. I personally doubt the girl is totally innocent, but she would have to be a fool as well as a bully to make that online comment after the victim died. I'm very pleased that the computers, phones etc of FIFTEEN suspected bullies in this case have been seized. Every guilty party, whatever the magnitude of their individual guilt, needs to be accountable for this.
Ricardo14976807 Ricardo14976807 3 years
What I see is a pattern of nothing being done by Schools, bullies parents and police. It seems most of these cases end up with someone getting hurt first before things are done. It's sad and I tell you what. If anything like this happens to one of my kids, I will be taking things into my own hands before things get out of control. I refuse to lose my kids to anything because society wants to turn their heads away from "uncomfortable" situations until it knocks on their door.
CathyKrumme CathyKrumme 3 years
First, if the father can check the times of the posts and knows that she had no access to the internet from her bedroom then is it possible she was hacked? My daughter has been hacked by her friends before and they leave goofy little things on each other's walls. It is possible. However, if bullying was being done by his daughter, while I'm not sure murder charges are the way to go, some punishment should be given and psychiatric help. A lot of these bullies are dealing with their own issues which cause them to find someone to project their anger and their own self-loathing on to. And I'm not blaming the victim but what about her parents? When my daughter was being bullied at school I went to the principal and the parents of the bullies and the cops. When that didn't help I transferred her to a school with a zero bullying policy and that made all the difference in the world. I saw the signs that something was wrong and I listened to what my daughter was and even wasn't telling me. I don't understand how as a parent you couldn't see when your child is hurting or something is wrong! And when it comes to your child changing their password on their accounts... My daughter knows that I can and will access her accounts on all things and her phone when ever I see fit with no warning as well as checking the browser history on all of thee above. If anything even looks mildly suspicious or out of place or passwords have been changed then she is banned from all electronics. If you teach your kids respect towards others, responsibility for their actions, and any kind of morals or ethics, it stops being a problem.
Beverly14452699 Beverly14452699 3 years
this is just terrible. what is wrong with some people in this world. some just don't have a heart. that girl didn't have to die. i think this bullying is getting way out of hand. the police will be able to find out whether her profile page was hacked or not. if it wasn't then i hope that she does get severe punishment for what she did. nobody she be bullying anyone. anyone who does bully are really sick in the head and need help for it. that is just so cruel. of course her father is going to say that she didn't do those things, because it is her father. i don't think that he looks at her comp. and that all the time, the way he said he does. my prayers go out to Rebecca's family!! it is very painful to lose your child that way and at a young age at that. i know if i lost one of my sons that way i would be so torn up inside, i would not know what to do. Deepest sympathy to Rebecca's family!!
cathleenpennington cathleenpennington 3 years
It was well known that this child was previously bullied, attacked in public on school property for as much as up to one year previously by these two perpertraitors. So when the sheriff's dept says they have evidence count your eggs that is all going to come out as well as ip addresses which don't lie much like people do. Obviously, one of these offenders whose father seems hell bend on denial as a defense mode would better self serve himself to find help for his family as they are so obviously broken. His daughter herself apparently a possible victim of domestic violence at the hands of her mother based on the video release of her own behavior and recent arrest might account for the child's behavior and dads denial and lax attitude might account for her own actions and lack of empathy. As for the family of the victim I feel your pain, a child that young doesn't have the coping skills to deal with these problems yet and I would hold everyone accountable including the school district for failing to keep your child safe!
DanaDoyle DanaDoyle 3 years
The father may be blind to his daughter. He may moniter her while she is at home but what about when she isn‘t home, ex: at school or at a friend‘s house. As for the cell phone, any texts can easily be deleted. He is very naive to his daughter. I wonder what he would think and or say if it was his daughter who commited suicide and the father of the bully said the exact same thing.
ShakirinaLIkram1369464817 ShakirinaLIkram1369464817 3 years
The matter ia now handled by the Police and Investigators. He will have (as his daughter) ample opportunities to defend herself in court. BUT the issue was the deceased was taunted for dating his daughter's ex-Boyfie and that did not sit well with her! At all times material, parents have to monitor all their teenager's cyber activities not only for bullying but the possible smuts they receive and indulge in. Many young girls have fallen victims to criminals on the chat line and Fbs from running away from home or being sexually assaulted. Then it would be too late to agonise and feel sorry for the neglect!
MJ14970132 MJ14970132 3 years
I was reading this article and I can't read anymore of the comments. Everybody is making me sick. Y'all need a chill pill. Not all but the mean ones.Everybody is saying what if or might have. Just give the family a little respect . Nobody knows. You guys are arguing about nothing .
vickiec51 vickiec51 3 years
also do we know that the girl jumped off of whatever she jumped off of because of the do we know that someone didnt say something to her that upset her and it wasnt the two was someone else or something else that upset her that caused her to jump off at that particular moment...we are setting new catagories in criminology now for every act that happens and even though the girls admitted to bullying did they know she was going to do I stated has all kinds of twists and turns and there are people who commit suicide and those that is sad and hurts so many people when they do...also they need to investigate that family on if there was anyone in that family who has commited suicide the missing mother...where is she....
vickiec51 vickiec51 3 years
I have to say...if the girl commited suicide and someone didnt murder one saw her jump...or has someone...??....if I found out my kids bullied or harmed anyone would be the last time that happened...we told our in school if they misbehaved in school we made dure they took responsibility...if the teacher was at fault and a few times that was the case I always got to the bottom of it...then the teacher paid....believe does happen either way....but to harm this girl as they did bullying bad....and they need to be punished and if they arent sorry they need counceling really bad....if their parents dont take responsibility for her punishment....then the state has to...but as I said earlier....there are ways of being bullied..cyber, paper, face to face...I was bullied and finally took care of it...I fought back....I feel for this girl and her family....she chose to commit suicide ..later in life there may have been more things she might not be able to deal with...she might at that time commit suicide....its why parents need to teach their children how to deal with bullys....
AngelinaSatarose AngelinaSatarose 3 years
My daughter is nearly 13, and she will not be allowed to have a FB account for a very long time. I believe any younger than 16yrs old is just too young to be online without being monitored. You can say you monitor it all you want. But there are ways to make posts not visible to you and they can change that password daily. You can take it away, but guess what? That account deletion button only deactivates it for 14 days before it's gone. They can just go to a friends house or on anyone's cellphone behind your back and still be on there. The only way to insure your kids are listening to you and and actually obeying your rules and not breaking your trust is communication and trust. You must talk to them, you must have set rules and consequences for breaking those rules. Make them understand that when they break your trust, it's like breaking your heart. It's a very important thing to learn respect before they get out in the world where you're not there to protect them or defend them.
LoriChoman LoriChoman 3 years
CelinaB92586 Do you honestly thing that victim blaming is the right thing to do here? Let's think about this, shall we? The young lady that killed herself had not even turned 13 yet. Do you honestly think she had the coping skills of someone say...18, 25, 30 or 50? First of all, you're right, she should NOT have been on FB. However, most parents will tell you that their under 13 kids are on fb and they monitor their accounts. They also monitor their cell phones, and every thing else. Wait, what? Why are all these kids with no coping skills online, with boyfriends, because hello...this case of bullying started over a year ago over a boy. The bullies need to go to jail, the parents of the bully AND the victim need parenting classes. The parents of today need to stop handing our kids everything on a silver platter and stop trying to be their friends. We need to be their parents, we need to teach them how to be nice to each other, how to be kids, and if they can't say anything nice to not say anything at all. Seems to me, no one teaches that to their kids anymore, or better yet, no one makes sure their kids actually get it.
Samantha1361138641 Samantha1361138641 3 years
CelinaB92586: That does not make it stop. It just makes it so you can't see the posts anymore but their still there viewed by others and used by others. Nothing like going to school and getting bullied about things posted about you on a social website that you didn't see. It is about time Bullies paid legally for inflicting social and mental damage to their victims these bullies are CRIMINALS, it would be no different than someone posting nasty things about you, you'd be able to take them to court and sue them for Slander and harassment and get money or get a criminal suit against them, but our children do not get this protection their basically told " toughen up" "oh well, there is nothing we can do" or the ever classic your spewing "Ignore it" Ignoring it does not help it never has.
CoMMember13630908223322 CoMMember13630908223322 3 years
This is to CelinaB92586: It's so easy for you to sit back and blame the victim. You are probably one of those who blames rape victims too! How dare you say "she could have.....". You know nothing about what was going on with that young lady. You are a grown up and apparently have forgotten what it was like to be young, or perhaps you yourself were a bully when you were younger. I was a victim of bullying years ago and it played heavy on me for years. I was lucky enough to get through it. (Thank God there were no computers but there were phones.) Instead of having empathy, you point fingers. I pray you never have to serve on a jury where there is a true victim because you will be on the side of the perpetrator. I don't know if the girl who is charged is guilty or not but to put it all on the victim? I guess it must be wonderful to live in a perfect little world where you control everything. Unfortunately, many of us in the real world don't have that option.
LeonorKenny LeonorKenny 3 years
Ms. Jenny, no one on here, as far as I can tell, is being a bully to you. No one has threatened you or called you offensive names. You admitted yourself that you have not read anything on this specific issue other than this article, yet you want to condemn people for being angry at the bully. You're assuming that everyone else is basing their opinions on this one article as you have. Maybe this article is a little biased, but so what? Then the writer has obviously done their research on the topic & finds it disgusting. Do your research, then come back & tell those of us who have that we shouldn't be angry at the callous attitude of this bully.
CelinaB92586 CelinaB92586 3 years
Oh well…why all of you are blaming ONLY the “bully”? How about the victim? This was cyber bullying on Facebook, meaning the victim could and SHOULD have closed her FB account…or at least set the privacy on high, unfriend all of her bullies, stop responding to abusive posting, report the bulling to FB, etc. And to kill yourself over cyber bulling…..come on…..there were other things going on in poor girl's life and the cyber bulling was just the icing on the cake.
MichelleJohnson79602 MichelleJohnson79602 3 years
This is the problem Denial! Parents nit being aware of what their kids are doing or turning a blind eye. I don't believe their story it's too convenient. She needs to be prosecuted for her role. This isnt a minor infraction. A child is now dead.
Tiffany14969578 Tiffany14969578 3 years
This girl is a product of her environment. I don't doubt for one second that she bullied that poor girl. And my opinion isn't based on one article, I have followed this story since it broke. She was raised by people that have no regard for others' feelings or well being. That was proven by the fact that her stepmother was just arrested after police found a video on FB showing her being abusive to kids that were in her care. Whether the children in the video were hers or not, the article didn't say. The father is either extremely naive and stupid or just trying to cover for her. And I believe it's the latter. They were aware that the bullying was going on but still allowed this vile child access to the internet. She shouldn't have had a laptop or phone. And, why wasn't her online activities monitored to begin with? Because her parents didn't care. Its a lot easier to let your child do as they please than to actually parent them. I think her parents should face charges as well. They knew the bullying was going on did nothing to stop it. Disgusting.
jennynorman jennynorman 3 years
I have only gone from this article as it's all I've seen- the point is- it's completely biased. I don't know whether she did it or not- I don't claim to know- but it fascinates me that people are getting so angry and being quite intimidating and nasty.... some might say acting like bullies. I haven't researched it as the whole thing makes me feel sick- that any human being could be so cruel to another- and the fact that other kids 'liked' it is disgusting. I hope it is all sorted as soon as possible so Rebecca's family can lay her to rest and begin to heal. Whatever happens- they have suffered the most terrible loss and my heart goes out to them.
vickiec51 vickiec51 3 years
the girls or girl who really did this and they have proof of it..needs severe counceling for a long long time...everyone needs to be aware of her whereever she goes...that alone will be a punishment for her..because as she gets older and realizes what she has done..if she is mentally not will make her feel bad...but if she is mentally sick.she needs treatment in a facility that is set up for girls like her and maybe not let back into the world to harm anyone else...but as I stated we need to make sure that this is what caused the last ditch effort to jump off that building and that someone didnt push her off...even those girls didnt push her we know that..???
Manny14969533 Manny14969533 3 years
To the father,What the heck are you thinking ?? the girl admitted to doing the crime,accepted like she has ! you are worst than the girl at least she is responsible and you are behaving like a IDIOT !!no wonder the girl is like she is,the father is not doing a good job raising the girl,no Morals at all ! i would stand by my daughter,but also have her take responsibility for what she had done !!!
vickiec51 vickiec51 3 years
I agree with leonor....I dont form my opinion till all the info is know I can think of so many ways people can be bullied...I was bullied and we had no computers way back then...they did it to my face and in front of tons of people...they kept it up until one day...I blew up right on the front of the school steps..this gal really got to me and started scratching my face so bad..all I could do was hit her and keep on hitting until someone stopped us...this was back in the 1950's and she kept saying that the germans were going to take over the world..her father worked for the american military and a civil employee but she was hearing this disdain at home..the germans at that time were angry that the americans saved the day...along with many other countries...I took it for a long time until she started sticking her chest in my face and then hitting me over and over and saying those things...well, I finally couldnt take it and struck back....over the years I have seen many bullies ...adults and children...some bully to your face, some bully using the pen and paper and others on the computer...we cant keep track of all bullies...we can only teach our kids about it and how to defend themselves when its happening to them...children are the worst ever...if this girl did indeed throw herself off the building..which we really dont know..someone could have pushed her off...was there a letter she wrote stating she was going to do that....did someone else do it to we that is a crime..someone pushing her off....we hear things every day that make us upset and angry ....but this poor young girl..if she did indeed commit suicide....did it some other point in her life she will go through hard things and will she do it then...these kids should be punished for bullying ...but not thrown in jail ....otherwise we need to have a word will get tuff to express yourself...a painting put up or some sculpture seen can offend someone and they might do something drastic...we have got to stop this crazy thing of taking away all our freedoms because it offends someone...there needs to be a line ..drawn as said by our esteemed president as to where offense should be punished never knows...this girl might have been upset when she threw herself off the building...or someone pushed her...or someone just before she did that...said something else that got h er parents...get your children daughter once stayed with her grandma for lets say 2 or 3 months going to school in her town as we searched for a place to live..when I got her back..she cried for everything...the kids at her busstop began teasing her mercilessly....when i saw that I started to work on her right away getting her back to the strong girl she once was..she was 8 yrs old...we were military...and if your a military brat you have to be strong....each kid is different and you have to teach them...that others are going to say or do things that upset you...I always taught that sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me...its like taking a plastic ball and playing dodge ball and hitting your child over and over till they are use to it and it doesnt bother them....desensitize them....for those kinds of things and then teach them that when someone does the bullying...that there is something wrong with them not you....and tattle tale on the school and parents..right matter what they say...
Lisa14969482 Lisa14969482 3 years
and-whats REALLY sad - if you look at the screen shot of the FB post - THIRTY kids 'liked it'. They actually liked that Guadalupe didn't give F&&*K that a girl just jumped to her death. To me - they should be in some kind of trouble as well. How could anyone LIKE that status???
Lisa14969482 Lisa14969482 3 years
There are ALOT more articles on this if you want to find out more info. The sheriff specifically said "she showed ABSOLUTELY NO REMORSE" when they arrested her. She is is well know to be an extreme neighborhood bully (Besides the relentless crap she did for a year to this girl) and YES, it's proven that she DID write the FB post. Of course she's gonna try and deny it. Guadalupe is a MAJOR LOSER. Disgusting. I would DIE if I had a kid who did that and then didn't give a care.
LeonorKenny LeonorKenny 3 years
I don't know about you, but I DONT rely on just one article to form my opinion. This story has been out there for a while. The girl did it. The dad is trying to save her. Plain & simple. The only remorse that girl has shown has come after she was caught. Granted she has issues but that doesn't excuse what she did. Her father should hold her to a higher standard instead of trying to get her off scot free! He should take this opportunity to teach her that her actions have consequences. Also, I'd like to point out that your internet router has the ability for parents to remotely control the child's access to the internet, including shutting off when its bedtime. (Exp: raising a teen) No Excuses! One article didn't influence MY decision lady, don't let it be the sole content for your own. Do your research.
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