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A Dad's Elf on the Shelf Photo Shoot

This Dad's Silly Elf on the Shelf Shoot Might Make You Slightly Uncomfortable

A Dad's Elf on the Shelf Photo Shoot

People are getting more and more creative with their Elf on the Shelf ideas, but this one Canadian dad's real-life spin takes the fruitcake. Instead of placing the toy around different parts of the house, Megan Wynberg decided to share ridiculous photos of her husband, Joe, carrying out the elf's mischievous antics. Not only did Joe dress for the occasion, but he also debuted with the elf name "Fle."

From (fake) poop and flour angels to peeing down the chimney, Fle kind of looks like a mom's worst nightmare. To keep him under control, Megan even had to duct tape him to the wall as you'll see ahead — is anyone else concerned about the paint? As uncomfortable as some of the images might make us, the couple's idea was probably a hit with their four little kids. Check out the hilarious photos with Megan's Facebook captions as she wrote them.

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