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Dad Fake ID Selfie at Liquor Store

The Reason This Dad Took a Selfie With His Son's Fake ID Will Surprise You

When Wade Grundmeyer walked into his local liquor store to find his son's fake ID on the "wall of shame," he didn't run out of the building with steam coming out of his ears like most fathers would. Instead, he channeled his inner millennial and took a selfie with it. The father of three from Louisiana posted the photo to Twitter on Oct. 21 with the caption: "That proud dad moment when you go to the liquor store and find your son's confiscated fake ID displayed on the wall of shame."

Here's how it all went down:

"My son and I are very close. My wife and I found out he obtained a fake ID and assumed he was going to use it," he told the Facebook page Love What Matters. "He attempted to use it for the first time and was carded at a local wine store. He was told he had two choices. Leave the store without the ID or wait for the Police to CONFIRM it was a valid ID and could make the purchase. Naturally, he ran out of the store to never return. He told my wife and I the story."

His reason for going to the store where his son got in trouble? A joke, of course. "I promised myself to visit the store and take a selfie with the picture as a prank. And BAM! I have now received more likes than my son or daughters ever received. I am the king of social media in my household which is KILLING my kids."

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