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A Dad's Message to Anyone Who Dates His Daughter

A Father's Message to His Daughter's Future Dates

Every parent is a bit overprotective when it comes to their daughter's dating life. But dads especially shudder at the thought of some boy hurting their baby girl. In hopes of keeping the heartbreakers at bay, software engineer and performance poet Jesse Parent shared a special message to any boy (or girl) who decides to date his daughter. Though the message started off with some violent — albeit sarcastic — threats, Parent ended it with some very sweet words of advice to any future suitors.

"Love her, befriend her, protect her. Be there when I can't," he says. "And when my body gives up to the grave, let the grin that eternity carves into my face be a reflection of the peace that your love brings to her."

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andreamohess andreamohess 3 years

We have a statistic for boys raped also the percentage may be small in comparison but there also wouldn`t be a statistic for that. There are two sides to every coin. Teaching a boy to respect a girl is not the end of it we also have to teach our daughters to respect themselves. Teaching boys to respect girls and girls to respect boys means future men and women that respect themselves as well as each other. I think he is saying what most dad`s feel about their daughters and that`s great do I have to agree 100%

andreamohess andreamohess 3 years

"Everyone should be taught respect for everyone else" That is exactly what I`ve being saying as well as Amcrun. Now you get it...Everyone should be treated with respect!!!

andreamohess andreamohess 3 years

Yes!, I think so. You`re entitled to your opinion and I am mine. Just because you don`t agree with someone`s opinion doesn`t make them a whinner. Grow up, there`s more than one opinion in the world. Have a great day!!!!!

andreamohess andreamohess 3 years

That`s right boys and girls... some of these ppl just don`t get it. I totally understand what you are saying and I believe that you are absolutely right!!!!!

andreamohess andreamohess 3 years

I`m pretty sure she knows exactly what spoken word poetry is but it seems that she is sick and tired of hearing this stuff and so am I and I agree with her that boys can be hurt as easily as girls.

emivarga emivarga 3 years

My answer is given from a mom where boys and girls are told to respect authority and treat the friend,spouse and mate properly.But I understand what it is to have a daughter been dated from boys that dont know how to treat the girls...

LindaCasablancaPotter LindaCasablancaPotter 3 years

Wow, you pretty much called it! And I love the humor in some of the lines..."If your daughter breaks my son's heart...he will learn how not to trust a bitch" and "If a father tells my son he has a gun, he should know we have three"....I LOVED these lines! haha While i think the poem by the dad is sweet for his daughter, likewise your point is valid and something which, as a mother of THREE boys myself (as well as one daughter), I've been concerned about. There is such a lack of personal character these days....I am concerned for my sons, two of which are teens...there are girls out there today who don't think twice about ruining a boy's life with manipulation and lies, the kind that lead to fist fights and time in jail. Some girls are not the sweet flower their protective daddy's would like to believe. (Conversely, my daughter is married to a guy who is devoid of personal accountability and character...we tolerate his arrogance for the sake of our grandbabies.)

LauraBurgett1376938173 LauraBurgett1376938173 3 years

It's great, and refreshing to hear about a Dad who is present and protective and supportive of his daughter. Despite our supposed "civilization," we are living in a Patriarchal Oligarchy, which gives equality to nobody, justice only to the rich, and a lawless police state for the poor. As a result, we have descended into a taliban-like rape-culture. In my state, only 6% of rape cases are even investigated, let alone prosecuted. Women in this culture are very vulnerable--I fear for my daughter, who is growing up in an age where an elected official feels perfectly comfortable using the phrase, "Legitimate Rape." In the absence of cultural, political, and judicial support, young women need the protection of their fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters more than ever. As do elderly women. And, yes, more young men are likely to fall victim to predators, as well. It's the type of lawlessness that comes with the natural evil outcome of "Libertarian" thought. If our government can't protect us, then we must protect ourselves, our families, our friends and our neighbors.

AnneMurphy76527 AnneMurphy76527 3 years

O come on yourself! What are you talking about "forced sense of equality"- Did you even listen to this?? Its not some sweet little poem about his daughter-he's threatening any boy out there that's going to come near his daughter-maybe somewhat in jest but its just stupid. Girls are not helpless little Faberge eggs that need to be protected by their daddies.
There so many of these types of "stay away from my precious daughter all you bad boys" -crap out there .And yeah, I'm a little sick of it. When did boys become solely responsible for making a girl happy> How about teaching our daughters to have high standards AND be good partners themselves? I wouldn't write a poem (although this wasn't really a poem) calling out against any girl who comes near my son-mainly because its stupid and immature.

emivarga emivarga 3 years

I am mother of 3 boys and I hope my boys do not date his daughter. I wrote a answer here:

to the fathers of the girls that will date my son(s)

April 18, 2014 at 5:02pm

there are so many post of fathers warning the boys that will date their
daughters, as a mother of three boys I will have something to say to
the girls that will date my boys.

My son is not perfect, in fact he has a lot to learn ,so is your daughter.

If your daughter will break my sons heart good for him, he will learn how not to trust a bitch.

If he will break your daughters heart she will find someone better.

Having a broken heart is part of life and you both will survive.

If a father tells my son that he has a gun, he should know we have 3.

the rules of my house and your house is primary. You ( the daughter)
should be home when your father wants you too, failure to show up on
time is your problem ,and shows your disobedience to your parents.

Father of daughters...Teach your daughters that life is not a pink cloud but
there are tough times and happy times. She is responsible for her

Oh and teach her to do some home work,like cleaning and cooking helps a lot to have a better days.

Oh took 9 months for your daughter to stay in your wife belly and be
born took that much for mine as well, you respect my son I will
love you daughter. Win win situation .

Doey Doey 3 years

Yeah I agree, although I can see how you would worry about a Daughter that little bit extra! :D. But yes, with boys there are other worries too. I plan on adopting just one soon (a boy)!!, can't wait!!. Think the guy is a bit of a headcase in a way although it's cool he wants to protect his Daughter. Hope your Son finds a nice girl!!. x

AnneMurphy76527 AnneMurphy76527 3 years

Yeah Yeah Ok we all love our little girls but I am getting a little tired of this kind of stuff. As a Mom of 2 girls and 2 boys, I worry just as much about my sons as I do about my daughters. There are just as many nasty, heartbreaking, thoughtless young women out there as there are young men. Too many Dads think their little girls can do no wrong but that's not always the case. It just seems like there are enough of these "stay away from my precious little girl" messages out there. As my older boy enters his dating years, I see him getting just as hurt, if not more by the fickle and shallow teen girls. So lets give the boys a break please...

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