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Coparenting with an ex can be nasty, competitive, and difficult at times, but one set of parents is proving that at the end of the day, your love for your children is more important than any resentment you have toward your ex.

After Danielle Gorner's daughter told her mom about her nail polish collection at her dad's house, Danielle had an epiphany about coparenting and her daughter's happiness. Her story was recently shared on the popular Love What Matters Facebook page, where a simple text exchange is melting the hearts of families all over.

"Growing up without your parents together is hard, but if those parents can work everyday together and separately to make their child's future a good one, then you've done your best," Danielle wrote. "We may not have the picture perfect life, but everything we do is for her. Sometimes it's easy to forget that and you can get wrapped up in trying to be 'right' all the time. Co-parenting is hard. But then you have realizations."


The realization for Danielle? Nail polish.

"Yesterday, my daughter told me I NEED to buy more nail-polish like daddy has at his house," she explained. "So out of curiosity and to check out my nail polish competition, I asked him what he uses. He replied back with a picture that melted my heart. Fourteen polishes. Lined up for her to pick which one she wants. Even apart we can still make sure she feels loved, happy, and complete."

Danielle's story can help set an example for other coparents that no matter what, the love for their daughter is bigger than any drama between the two of them. It's also really commendable that Danielle recognizes what an amazing father her ex is — their daughter is very lucky!

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