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The Face This Dad Makes When He Sees His Baby Emerge During Childbirth Is So F*cking Accurate

There's a reason many men opt out of watching their baby actually come out of their partner's body, and one new dad's facial expression upon watching the mother of his child push a human out of her vagina is that reason.

"This is what happens when you see your baby's head pop out."

When Tiarra Kemp was in labor, her partner Steven Mason was as active a participant as can be expected when the mother is essentially doing all the work. Once it came time for her to push, Steven grabbed a leg to help support her. He also got a front-row seat to the action, and miraculously, someone snapped a photo of his expression the moment he saw the baby's head emerge.

"This is what happens when you see your baby's head pop out," he wrote in a Facebook post alongside the priceless image of his wide eyed, dare-we-say horrified reaction. "When I tell you I was stuck, here's the picture to prove it."

The photo, which has been shared nearly 33,000 times, is hilarious and will likely serve as a cautionary tale to other men in the delivery room.

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