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Dad Slammed for Publicly Shaming His Toddler

Dad Slammed for Publicly Shaming His Toddler

There have been a rash of headlines in the last year about parents who've disciplined wayward teens through public shamings. But as a recent incident shows, public shaming can backfire, bringing the weight of public opinion down hard on the parent instead of the child.

In the case in question, a father uploaded a photo of his toddler to Reddit in which she's holding a sign "confessing" the crime of pooping in the shower, and giving her dad permission to use the humiliating image in her high school yearbook. The photo went viral, and horrified viewers were swift to criticize the father for humiliating such a young child in such a public way. The father claims that the image was simply meant to make people laugh.

Read the whole story (Daily Mail)>>

What limits do you put on what you'll share about your kids online?

Image Source: Reddit via Daily Mail

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BethArmstrong36764 BethArmstrong36764 4 years
This guy is a complete jerk!!!!! I hope that when he is old and gray and messes his pants that his daughter puts a big sign on him telling everyone how he messed himself and she has the right to announce it in the assited living center newsletter! I'm not saying his daughter should be taken away from him (that is also ridiculous), but he should think before he publicly humiliates his daughter!.....this is actually something the nazi's did to the Jews
AdeleSamaniego AdeleSamaniego 4 years
This is horrible and it breaks my heart that any body would think it would be ok to shame a small child for having an accident and its a bigger shame that a parent would think that this funny!!! Shame on her parents and they should post a picture of themselves with a sign saying "Im a horrible parent and I want the world to know it"
BonnieRuff70537 BonnieRuff70537 4 years
I feel that it bad enough our children endure being made fun of, bullied , humiliation of all sorts. Parents are suppose to be supportive, and loving , but when we need to discipline our children it should not be of public humiliation. everyone has there way to discipline their children when they have done wrong. but this is a disgrace.
CoMMember13629148071769 CoMMember13629148071769 4 years
While I would not have done this I don't think that it was harmful and it does not make him a bad parent. There are people out there that would have beaten their child for this. Honestly if this curbs the behavior then it is what it is. It would have been worse if if he made the child wear it to school or daycare.
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