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Dad Tries New Way to Get His Son Out Bed (VIDEO)

Dad Tries New Way to Get His Son Out Bed (VIDEO)

When this 4-year-old boy wouldn't get out of bed, Dad decided to try a different wake-up call... Looks like it worked! 

How do you get your children going in the morning?  


Image Source: MrJibaku via YouTube

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AngelecaMoorman AngelecaMoorman 5 years
LMBO!! That was too cute!
LydiaAndrew LydiaAndrew 5 years
love it :)
PrincessCrawford PrincessCrawford 5 years
I like to tickle my baby til she wakes up. lol.
JulieSnedeker JulieSnedeker 5 years
I love it!! Fun way to wake children up in the morning!!!
BonnieBetz BonnieBetz 5 years
lol! i sing at the top of my lungs songs from musicals. (im a really bad singer).
HollyVick HollyVick 5 years
I think this is great and it's terrible that people on YOU TUBE are saying he's a (bleep). This is a good, creative dad, some people are just sorry they can't be that way with their kids...throw a little fun into their lives. :)
KellySturgess KellySturgess 5 years
lol So cute!!
BonnieHsia BonnieHsia 5 years
Lol! My son LOVES water, so that would only inspire him to stay in bed!!! Great fun!
KristiKramer KristiKramer 5 years
That was awesome! Love the Doom theme too! lol
SuzanneBeltSpurlock SuzanneBeltSpurlock 5 years
Love this! Humor goes such a long way in parenting!!
BethDalton22290 BethDalton22290 5 years
Wow!! I love this... My daughter would probably grab the gun and turn it back on me!!
BrittneeMiller BrittneeMiller 5 years
I thought this was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!
ShelleyElenewski ShelleyElenewski 5 years
Love it!!
MelissaMacy MelissaMacy 5 years
works for me! :)
JamieGreene62132 JamieGreene62132 5 years
I sprinkle water on him, but water guns work too! ;)
JenniferMarchal JenniferMarchal 5 years
LOL.....Is there something I can do to get my daughter to STAY in her bed ; )
SamanthaPlitt SamanthaPlitt 5 years
take it to daddy when he is sleeping :))
brandyharris99736 brandyharris99736 5 years
lol my husband did that to our 10yr old son last week and got a completely different reaction! our son cried cause he got wet,lol
LillianMcWatters LillianMcWatters 5 years
That is so cute. I usually send the dog in there to kiss her bare feet or if that doesn't work I sing "opera" . (I couldn't carry a note if my life depended on it. LOL)
VeroniqueParent98620 VeroniqueParent98620 5 years
LOL nice!
CoMMember13629835762874 CoMMember13629835762874 5 years
lmao that is so funny i thought my husband was the only one who hit the kids with water to get them out of bed so funny i love it .
KaylaRemedies KaylaRemedies 5 years
This is DEFINITELY going on my "to-do" list!
EmilySczenski EmilySczenski 5 years
oh thats funny ♥ hehehe
ChrisSchulze ChrisSchulze 5 years
oh my, my daughter would have been pissed! She's 4, but then again she's usually up before the crack of down anyways.
SamanthaBrown57076 SamanthaBrown57076 5 years
Omg this is great!! lmao....what a way to wake up....smiling & laughing lol
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