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Dads Give Up Beer During Pregnancy

Did Your Partner Give Up His Vices During Your Pregnancy?

Beyond growing a sympathetic bump, some partners share in their spouse's pregnancy by giving up their vices. One of my friends sacrificed his much beloved beer while his wife was with child.

Since she was a beer guzzler, he quit cold turkey after feeling guilty boozing it up without her. When the baby arrived, they passed up the champagne for the cerveza.

Did your baby daddy give up any vices while you had a baby bump?

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macgirl macgirl 9 years
He cut out some of the beer as I couldn't stand the way he smelled when he drank it- even just a sip or two and I could smell him a mile away. Not only did I not push him to quit drinking, I bought him a t-shirt that said "Drinking for Two". He had in a built in designated driver, why take away his fun?
milosmommy milosmommy 9 years
I didn't and I wouldn't. Infact I encouraged him to go and hang out and drink with the guys more often while I was pregnant because we both knew that once the baby was born it would be way more infrequent. I wanted him to get some of it out of his system.
anniebananie anniebananie 9 years
No and I wouldn't ask him, he still drinks and smokes (he never smoked in the house or around me pre baby). I just found out that I'm allergic to dairy so would it be right to ask my partner to stop drinking milk and eating ice cream? I think not. Some women are just plain selfish.
stina829 stina829 9 years
Yeah, right. My son's father smoked more and went out drinking more and he told me right to my face it was to make me mad because he liked making me mad. I kicked him out when I was 7 months pregnant. I'm not dealing with that! Ok, sorry, that turned into a rant and it wasn't supposed to. No, he didn't stop. :)
BlairBear BlairBear 9 years
Yep, I made my hubby stop drinking while I was pregnant. I told him it wasn't fair that I couldn't drink and he could, so he quit with me.
honey693 honey693 9 years
My husband still has his nightly beer and there is no way I would expect him to give it up. He's not pregnant so why would he?
Greggie Greggie 9 years
He didn't have any vices that would apply. So no.
anniekim anniekim 9 years
No, my husband didn't give anything up, not did i ask him to give up anything. If he smoked or had any habits that might harm the baby I would have expected him to stop those.
thisgirlzakillah thisgirlzakillah 9 years
aw, my dad stopped smoking as soon as my mom was prego with me. how sweet =)
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