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A while back, I asked if your baby daddy did his part in taking care of the child. Over half of you said that he played an equal role in child rearing — sometimes bearing more of the responsibility.

A new study released in the June issue of Journal of Family Psychology indicated that if mothers want their partners to play an active role in parenting, they need to give them the confidence to motivate them. One study said:

It was the mom's behavior that dictated the dad's involvement. [Researchers] found that the dads who knew what they were doing had partners who encouraged and complimented them as they changed the baby's clothes. But the dads who looked less confident were accompanied by partners who critiqued their methods during the entire observation.

Do you give your partner the room to care for your child?

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JennyJen2 JennyJen2 9 years
We both parent equally and we have different ideas on some things, but luckily we are together with the important stuff. I let him do his thing - so when I get home after work and she has on green crocs with a red shirt and yellow shorts - I just let it go - :rotfl: I choose my battles.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
Did we seriously need to spend money on a study to find out that people who are supported and complimented on their abilities have greater confidence? Isn't it a given that if you constantly critique and criticize someone, father or not, they're going to lose confidence? Of course I give my husband room to parent, and let him know what a wonderful father I think he is.
meandtheo meandtheo 9 years
I was in such terrible pain during my labor recovery that my husband did everything for our daughter for the first week. He brought her to me to nurse her but did everything else. Only after I was feeling normal again did he tell me that he had NEVER even changed a diaper before that. I think this gave him the confidence to care for our daughter and now he is one of the most hands on dads I know. We do things differently but I think this is good for our daughter. I don't want her to always have to have it done mommy or daddys way. I want to be able to leave her with a grandmother or caregiver and not worry that the change is going to be too much for her to handle.
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