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Dads Tossing Toddlers

Does Toddler Tossing Cross the Playtime Line?

Fathers and kids often bond by tossing around a football. But for dads who want to kick things up a notch, tossing their kids around may be the newest bonding activity. Two men, assumed to be the child's dad and uncle, were filmed throwing the tot back and forth. While most moms would wince and scream to put the child down, this mother smiled and laughed at the show. But she may be the exception to the rule. As expected, parents are speaking out and sharing their concerns that the game could lead to head injuries, broken bones, or worse.

How do you feel about the toddler tossing? Share your thoughts below!

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Diana15122074 Diana15122074 3 years
Grow up, people! These kids are having fun and, through this game, they also learn to trust their daddy. There are many dangerous things out there, should we remove them all and watch the kids grow up to be comple whimps? Quit being so judgemental and scared of everything, or your kids will be just like you. Teach them instead to be brave and take a challenge every now and then.
Grzenia14832017 Grzenia14832017 3 years
Crosses the line as far as im concerned...
LeahMusawwir LeahMusawwir 3 years
This is dumb! I guess putting your child in gymnastics it's going to be the next overly physical activity for kids that will be out the door. Then ballet, karate, jumping jacks, and hop scotch... you know while we are at it, why don't we just remove the jungle gyms, slides, swings, and monkey bars from parks and playgrounds too! Goodness, some people need to get a grip! Oh, and this mother isn't the an exception to a rule unless there is a new rule that states that you have to be high strung and over the top about everything!
629Roo 629Roo 3 years
The fact that it's called "Toddler Tossing" says it all. Yes, it crosses a line. I'm no expert but I would think if something would unfortuantely happen to the child, the parents could be in some hot water for "endangering the welfare of a child." Put your kid down and throw a ball instead.
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