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Dangerous Predicaments with Kids

Tell Mommy: What's Your Most Dangerous Mommy Moment?

Checking items off your to-do list can be challenging, especially when you've got kids in tow. On my day off last week, it was my mission to change my address, register to vote and obtain a parking pass for my new neighborhood — big city dwellers feel my pain.

My nearly two-year-old and I bolted out the door and waited in line at the DMV for the doors to open. In less than an hour, my first and second goals were accomplished. Not wanting to push my daughter too far, I went home to let her rest. It wasn't until 4:30 that I went for the finale.

To see what happened,


All the paperwork was prepared and the diaper bag was full of goodies. What I didn't account for was the lack of parking spaces. Knowing the parking permit offices closed at 5:00 exactly, I finally landed a spot across the street at 4:55. Afraid I'd miss the cut off, I waited for a clear path and then jaywalked my eight month pregnant self across one of the busiest San Francisco streets during 5 p.m. rush hour with my 23-month-old daughter on my hip.

I made it through the doors and heard the door lock behind me. I was in and out in 10 minutes though I'm still not sure the parking permit is worth the mommy guilt I am still feeling for not safely passing through the designated crosswalk.

Tell mommy, have you ever put your child in a dangerous situation like that?

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pharmacymom pharmacymom 8 years
When my son was almost 3, he went to daycare. He has year-round allergies so I always kept a bottle of Triaminic in his diaper bag for the daycare staff to use with my permission, just in case. After I picked him up one day, we were almost home when I smelled something fruity in the car. I pulled down the mirror to look at my son in the backseat and he had the bottle of Triaminic open and was drinking it!!! I freaked out, pulled over, called my mom the nurse, then promptly took him to the nearest ER. After they called poison control and we estimated how much he could have ingested, he was sent home just fine. He did get drowsy and took a longer than normal nap, but he was fine. So, how did he get the bottle open? It was in a side pocket of the diaper bag so it was easily within his reach, but it also had gotten some of the syrupy liquid inside the cap and it had crusted a little in there, preventing a good closure and the childproof lid from securing. He has also fallen down on a sidewalk while Easter egg hunting under my parents' supervision and knocked himself unconscious (he was 3 then), and this year (he's 5) he was walking in the grass just 4 feet from me and stumbled into a yellow jacket stung at least 7 times.
LiLRuck44 LiLRuck44 8 years
Mommaof2 you must've died. My moment was when my daughter was about one, and I completely forgot to gate the steps. We didn't have the installed gates at the time, and I was always so vigilant about it, I didn't even think twice that I hadn't put the gate up. I was in the bathroom talking to my husband who was taking a shower, and my stepdaughter starts screaming at the top of her lungs that my daughter had fallen down the steps. My heart literally dropped through the FLOOR. I went flying to the steps and didn't see her at the bottom, and when I got to the bottom she was just crying so hard with her arms open for me, stumbling around. She seemed fine but I was so afraid there was internal damage or bleeding or something awful!! After we checked out of the ER I finally let her take a nap and I watched her the entire time to make sure she kept breathing! It was such a terrible event, it took me a long long time to get over it and stop having nightmares about it. Ever since though, the top and bottom gates get shut no matter who is up or who is down.
momma-tikita momma-tikita 8 years
wow those stories are scary! the scariest moment that ever happened to me was when my daughter was lost at the beach for about 5 minutes! and i do hit myself all the time for thinking that my friends husband (father of 2) was capable of taking care of her for a few minutes! she wanted to get some sea shells by the water (which we were far from) so my friends hubby said he walk with her since he wanted to put some water in the bucket. 2 minutes later me and my hubby with son walked over there and they were just getting some water. so they come up to us while we sit at the shore to show us what they got. So my friends hubby and my daughter start walking back to where our things were...except he THOUGHT she stayed with us. after she had already said she was going to put the shells away. this is a 4 year old by the way. so about 2 minutes after that i started walking back to see my friend, her hubby and their two babies in the blanket and my daughter was nowhere to be found. i started panicking since we were at the beach and it was packed! everyone left me there with the three kids while they ran to look for her. i guess they saw me panicking and thought i wouldnt be able to find her in that state? thank god she gets scared easy because as soon as she saw there was no-one around her she freaked out and started screaming. thank god they found her...i dont know what i would have done. i think thats why i cant trust anyone with my kids now...
anniekim anniekim 8 years
Just so you can grade the danger--it was March in NE.
anniekim anniekim 8 years
Oh man--I left my sleeping daughters in the car in the driveway, (windows open, of course)to go inside to get a book to read while they slept. 1 min or less inside (bathroom break) and I returned to 2 hysterically sobbing children. You might have imagined 9and I expect my neighbors did) that they were being abused. I still feel guilty about the psychological ramifications
kia kia 8 years
ha ha, that is supposed to be about eight years old.... not a sunglassed face emoticon sorry to read some of your experiences, glad your lil ones are fine
kia kia 8 years
I am not a parent but saw something scary two months ago. I live in Boulder, CO. It is a big bicycling town. There are a lot of paths, but you can also bike in the street with a relative high degree of safety. Well I was walking around Downtown and a father was out for a ride with his young son (about 5) in front of him and his daughter (about 8) behind him. Well his daughter was dawdling and he hung back with her while his son rode ahead. The father wasn't paying too much attention to everything going on and told his son to wait while they caught up. His son stopped 1/3 of the way in the intersection as the oncoming traffic got a green light. The father was busy with his daughter and didn't notice WHERE his son stopped. I didn't want to scream at the boy and scare him so I kind of got on the dad's case as fast as I could telling him to tell his son to finish crossing the street. His dad immediately started hollering at him to move up. I don't think any of the cars would have hit the boy, but a car could have swerved around or tried to turn in haste. So it was kind of a scary situation. The father looked mortified by what happened and I kept on walking once the boy was in a safe place.
cheersdarlin916 cheersdarlin916 8 years
The only thing that happened to me and my son was when he was 1 month old I brought him in to get his pictures done and he was in his car seat and I set the car seat on a bench that I knew was wide enough and I turned around to see if they were ready for us and when I turned back his car seat fell to the ground upside down. Luckily he was still straped in and he just got a red little bump on his head but I cried enough for the both of us. From then on I only sat him on flat ground where there was no chance for him to fall. He is 12 now and there has been no long term damage :)
tina_marie tina_marie 8 years
gigimamam, OMGosh, that is scary. I would beat myself up too. I'm so sorry that happened to you but glad everyone is ok. I thank goodness have yet to have a major "whoops" moment. A few small ones here and there. He's only 16 months so I'm sure there will be some.
Moms Moms 8 years
I was carrying my newborn son and the curb was uneven which caused my ankle to roll and both of us to fall in the parking lot. Thank god I was able to keep my hand under his head so it caught the impact of the fall and he didn't even have a bruise, but it still makes me panicked when I think about what could have happened.
gigimama gigimama 8 years
We were in a SuperTarget parking lot. I was busy buckling my then 3yo son (who wasn't cooperating) into the minivan while my 10 month old son was still sitting in the cart. My back was turned to him. Suddenly, I heard a man shouting. I turned to see what was going on and saw my younger son and the cart rolling down the parking lot, which was on a hill. The man had jumped out of his car and stopped the cart about 40 feet away. It was going quite fast and heading toward traffic. That was four years ago and I STILL beat myself up for that one. Why didn't I strap the baby in first? Why did I turn my back? I certainly learned my lesson that morning.
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