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Daughter Finds Her Mother Alive At the Morgue

Daughter Finds Her Mother Alive At the Morgue

Rosangela Celestrino was devastated when she got a call telling her she had to go to the morgue to identify the body of her mother. But when she arrived things took an unexpected turn.

Earlier in the day, her mother was being treated for a lung infection in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro. The doctor felt no vital signs and pronounced her dead. She was sent to the morgue and spent at least two hours in a plastic body bag in a refrigerated drawer. But when her daughter arrived and opened the bag, she was breathing.

"You go to the hospital to pick up someone you know - [someone] who put you on the earth - and not only is she in the cold drawer of a hospital, but when I opened it, I saw that she was alive."” she told the Brazilian newspaper O Globo.


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Image Source: TV Globo

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shamisotaruvingamadziva shamisotaruvingamadziva 5 years
it is a miracle indeed!this has made release that sometimes people are pronounced dead whilst they are not in fact they die because of cold.
TonyaEddieThornton TonyaEddieThornton 5 years
That's some crazy stuff sound like someone should loose his linsense to practice medcine
ToshaLewis47655 ToshaLewis47655 5 years
Wow that's crazy.... That dr really didn't do a proper check... Jus because you can not feel vitals doesn't mean someone does not have vitals.... By pulling out his stethoscope he could of easily found out she was still alive.... This is a law suite waiting to happen and it is pretty much an open and shut case!!
VanessaD92340 VanessaD92340 5 years
It's nto a miracle it's human error. I am glad her mom is alive but that's no way to be treated shoved in a body bag & in a frig. for 2 hours.
BellaMpaketsane BellaMpaketsane 5 years
Shoooooooooo, God is great. did her mother finally recover?
PortiaMack PortiaMack 5 years
This just shows that God is amazing.
ShelbyNormington ShelbyNormington 5 years
This is unbeliavable!! The family and daughter would oviously be very happy that she was still alive.. But as for the hospital staff that didnt oviously follow the right protecol i would start running!!! As for people saying people are quick jumping to a law suit, if this was YOUR mother im pretty god damn sure you wouldnt be saying this, you might aswell say, oh well, everybodys human.. NOT good enough when it involves a life..!!
JacquelineLopez47522 JacquelineLopez47522 5 years
Wow, this is a miracle for sure. But very scary at the same time. Someone said no lawsuit but thats easier ro say when u havent seen your mother in a body bag and find out shes still breathing..
elisafitch elisafitch 5 years
Totally agree with Carl Whalen comment on 27 sept the powers that be who ever they are? Must have a prepped for her very lucky indeed!
Wow wat a miracle
VirginiaCutlip VirginiaCutlip 5 years
Sounds like a great idea ! Why not ? :)
VirginiaMaligon VirginiaMaligon 5 years
It is indeed a miracle ...
ConcepcionVeronicaTeregeyo ConcepcionVeronicaTeregeyo 5 years
Now that is a MIRACLE,,thank god for bring her back to her ANGEL (daugther)...
MarthaRestuSimorangkir MarthaRestuSimorangkir 5 years
It's a real miracle. I feel so happy for her
KyleWhalen KyleWhalen 5 years
I swear people are to quick to jump to lawsuits. It is possible that she did stop breathing and come back. It has happened before. I just read today about a baby who was born premature at 27 weeks and passed away only minutes of being born and after a little more than two hours started gasping for air while his parents were holding him saying their goodbyes. It is possible people. And believe it or not, not every heart ache or inconvenience is deserving of a lawsuit. This woman should just be happy that she still has her mother and is not burying her. If no damage was caused then leave it be and be grateful for still having her mother around. Geesh!
KristaMirelez KristaMirelez 5 years
Omg what a miracle
DanaIngwer DanaIngwer 5 years
Law suit
CrystalBriggs CrystalBriggs 5 years
If she was breathing they didn't check good enough
MelissaElias MelissaElias 5 years
BettieMoon BettieMoon 5 years
JoanReis JoanReis 5 years
WOW! I have mixed feelings of pain & happiness for this woman.
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