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Daughter Frightens Mom With Photo from the Grand Canyon

Daughter Frightens Mom With Photo from the Grand Canyon

Is technology making us into a generation of overprotective parents? Samantha Busch seems to think so. The 22-year-old scared her mother, Rebecca, to tears while on a recent trip to the Grand Canyon with her boyfriend. Busch's mother had been worried about her daughter going on such a dangerous trip and was tracking her through the GPS on her phone, which bothered Samantha. So she turned off her phone's GPS and sent her mother a camera photo of what looks like her falling off a cliff and crying for help.

Samantha's boyfriend took the photo at just the right angle to make it look like she was falling, even though she was actually on a secure ledge so that she could send the photo to her mom and give her a scare. She posted the photo on Reddit and it went viral. Needless to say, the elder Busch was not as amused as Reddit readers were.

Read the whole story (SF Gate) >>

What would you do if your child intentionally scared you?

Image Source: Reddit

deenaaddis deenaaddis 4 years
I said it. And will stand by it. I said the mother is over protective. Way over. But turning off the gps rather than sending a picture of fear was enough
AliciaDeWispelaereAinsworth AliciaDeWispelaereAinsworth 4 years
Someone said: "daughter needs a spanking"??? Woah. Wake up. This is a 22 year old - not a child. Someone needs to the umbilical cord.
deenaaddis deenaaddis 4 years
Mom is way to over protective but the daughter needs a spanking . Too mean to put that scare into any parent. Turn off the the GPS. End of story
JennaBurlock JennaBurlock 4 years
Been there, done that.... but what scared me more was when my child went missing. This is nothing compared to the feeling you have no idea where your child is at!
KellyEvans73594 KellyEvans73594 4 years
That's funny. It's funny because if she was genuinely in trouble and hurt her boyfriend wouldn't be standing around taking pictures, now would he?
FjolaRoberts FjolaRoberts 4 years
The daughter did a horrible thing with the picture. She should be ashamed scaring her mother like that. You are 22 years old and acting like a child. SHAME On you for doing this. And to think you thought it funny.GROW UP.
BarbaraMarrin BarbaraMarrin 4 years
Being the mother of a 15-y-o daughter, I know the fear that I deal with when my daughter is out with several friends just going to the movies for a few hours. That said, Samantha is an adult. While mom will still worry, I think GPS tracking for a 22-y-o is a bit much. Had Rebecca not tracked the cell phone, Samantha wouldn't have disabled it and kept a vital communication link fully functional. While I don't really approve of Samantha's photo actions, her mom needs to back off just a little, ask her daughter to keep daily contact with her, and relax. It doesn't seem appropriate to 'ground' a 22 y/o adult for going to the grand canyon regardless of the viral photo.
DawnMiller38840 DawnMiller38840 4 years
Dr Phil here they come. I am an overprotective Mom but even I think that tracking ones daughter by GPS on their phone is wrong. Do I agree with what her daughter did...No. It was cruel and I think they both need to sit down and some new boundaries need to be established.
LorindaHenry LorindaHenry 4 years
The daughter is an adult. Tracking one's adult daughter, as in tracking anyone, is really kind of creepy, and I can understand where the daughter might want to take desperate measures... I think this IS a desperate measure, and that the "humor" of the intent is/was really a smokescreen for a serious message. Humor is often used that way, and even the daughter might not want to address the serious issue and so resorts to "humor." Perhaps a couple of joint counseling sessions could help both of them see how to disengage from the destructive aspects of the relationship and come to enjoy their common love as two mature people. I expect the daughter has tried far less frightening ways to ask her mother to back off to an appropriate level.
CherylGrange CherylGrange 4 years
At 50+ years old, I still call my parents to let them know I arrived home safely, just as I call my husband to let him know I arrived safely at long distance destinations. It is called courtesy, something the word seems to be lacking more and more these days. I expect my children to keep me posted on their trips also. Not every little detail, just to know they are safe.
ShawnaGinther ShawnaGinther 4 years
There are two sides to the coin here. One side -mom has a legitimate reason such as security because of the job or of previous events that we do not know about. The other side of the coin -mom needs to let go and trust. Either way, the daughter has incredibly poor taste in jokes and needs her head examined. I would not be surprised if the mom's trust was permanently broken or if mom does not want to do anything with her daughter for a long while. Yes, people do still take pictures of other people when the other person needs help obviously. It has happened before. It's called Rubberneck Syndrome -people or person, are/is too busy looking at the accident and do not help.
EveHill EveHill 4 years
LMBO! Poor mom, but this is classic!
1389170 1389170 4 years
Just wait until she has kids.... Maybe she will get it then.
MelissaGreenwood33850 MelissaGreenwood33850 4 years
As a child, we were required to let my parents know who we were with, where we were going & when we would be back. As a teenager, I thought it was simply annoying. But as I have become a parent myself, I see that it was my parents way of know that we were safe & that if there was an emergency ( for me or them ), they knew where to go to find us. They never went to the extreme of following us on GPS. They trusted us enough to make our own decisions and to make sure we kept ourselves as safe as we could. If I had sent this picture to my parents, they would have been on the first plane to wherever I was. This girl is a legal adult, she has every right to go, do & say what she wants. But knowing that her mother worried so much about her, this was done in poor taste. Again, being an adult, her mother cannot punish her or tell her what she can or cannot do. But I know that if my children ever sent a photo like this to me & then turned their phone off so I couldn't reach them to make sure they were ok, I would be on the first plane to wherever they were. To those who say it was just a joke, anything that parents see as posing a threat to our children, there is NO REASONING behind a joke like this, that makes it in anyway funny. No matter how old we or our children get, we will forever worry about the children we have loved since before they were born.
JMaureenJohnston JMaureenJohnston 4 years
I only have one word for the young couple----CRUEL!
TracyStuart TracyStuart 4 years
Ok, she is 22 years old and being tracked by momma... give this girl - whatever her maturity level - a bit of a break. I have a mother that, if she could figure out technology at all beyond calling all text messages "emails", would do this to me and I am 33 years old and a wife and mother of 2 for the last 15 years! My mother insists that I call her when I get home (which I refuse to do) so she knows I am ok. Sounds reasonable, until you see where that road mother is 56 years old and calls her mother LITERALLY every time she is leaving the house to tell her where she is going, calls her when she gets to her destination, calls her before she leaves her destination, and calls when she gets home - and this is going for a gallon of milk two blocks from her house. Some parents go WAY overboard on keeping kids safe. This girl did something very similar to something I would do because it's very hard living with a parent who, no matter how old or responsible you are, treat you like you are 5 years old and running intro traffic laughing like a wild child. Though, perhaps, this rebelliousness could have been handled a bit differently, the mother seems tech savvy enough to track the girl so she SHOULD be used to this kind of stuff all over the internet and whatnot.
EmilyStauffer26795 EmilyStauffer26795 4 years
She sent you a picture while she was hanging off the side of the Grand Canyon? LOL no one would have taken a picture. They would have been trying to help her up.
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