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Ban on Swaddling Throws Day Cares Into Chaos

Is swaddling dangerous? As day care centers around the country start to ban the widely accepted practice, the jobs of caretakers are getting much more difficult. Unswaddled infants, they say, are harder to soothe, sleep less, and require more one-on-one attention.

The controversial ban stems from findings that improper swaddling, which can happen in institutional settings like day care centers, may cause hip dysplasia or put infants at risk for suffocation and is based on an advisory from several public health organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics. But not all experts are falling into line with it; Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, told the Huffington Post that a strong case against swaddling has not yet been proven.

Read more (The Huffington Post).

Do you (or did you) swaddle your babies?

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CarmenJeffers CarmenJeffers 4 years
I am just so happy that with neither one of mine, I had to use a daycare. At home with Grandma (Great-Grandma for my DS--kids are 14 years apart) works best when I'm working. Swaddling is great, and is the only thing that gave my hubby and I a little reprieve at the beginning.
JamieJoEoff JamieJoEoff 4 years
Amazing how more and more things are coming up that "care providers" think they have the righto tell parents to do and not to do because they know better than the parents who the children belong too. And amazing how much hooey people will believe and accept just because some wacko has a white lab coat and a PHD behind their name!
Lilsilver Lilsilver 4 years
I have three children. My first child didn't get swaddled. He was easy going and slept well. Then came my second child. After 2 full days of his screams and very little sleep for the both of us, my mother came over and wrapped up tight as can be. I found out then and there he loved to be swaddled and was asleep in mere minutes. My 3rd child was different and he didn't need it at all. I feel that it's up to the parent to decide, but don't just give up on the idea. It's like most things, just be careful, thoughtful and be aware of what you are doing.
AnnBurgum AnnBurgum 4 years
I Have 3 children all over 24 years old, they were all swaddled. My eldest daughter also has 3 children, again they were all swaddled. It helps the child feel secure and safe. They have spend 40 weeks in this type of situation and are afraid when limbs are thrown all over tthe place. As long as it isn't too tight and crushes limbs it is always something I will always recomend as a child care practioner.
JanetMcDonald24487 JanetMcDonald24487 4 years
As I started reading this article I immediately thought about Dr. Karp - he is awesome. I have passed his DVD on to other new moms. His method is very effective for those really fussy babies.
LillaT LillaT 4 years
In some countries they don't do and never did do swaddling. I myself never done it to my baby, as she loved moving about a lot (those arms and legs never quit waving :) ) and she was and is a tummy sleeper.
AliciaAnderson72717 AliciaAnderson72717 4 years
I agree with the extra training, but that would require funds and the gov't "must save money in areas that don't need more spending". How about this: stay home with your baby-you won't regret it. If you just can't: I would second the idea to visit the daycare as an applicant, see what they are really like.
AmandaRobertson27269 AmandaRobertson27269 4 years
Why not teach them how to do it correctly?
LisaBerteaux LisaBerteaux 4 years
My daughter was a victim of "swaddling care". After trying to calm her they thought swaddling her up past her nose and stuffing her into a swing was the way to sooth a screaming child. When I got my child at the end of the day I didn't even recognize her screams. Thank God I found a stay at home daycare. God bless the women who make it a business to love and care for children from their home.
VeronicaNelson56488 VeronicaNelson56488 4 years
My grand daughter was a recipient of the swaddling "care" and i am fairly certain she has hip dysplasia. You can hear her little hip joints pop all of the time. I did not like what I saw was happening but this is what they taught my daughter to do at the center she works at. My daughter had hip dysplasia when she was born and had to wear a brace for the first 6 months of her life. It was unsettling but she is okay now,
BobbiJohnson77913 BobbiJohnson77913 4 years
My first Daughter HATED being swaddled tightly. She would scream until it got loosened up. The nurses at the hospital were shocked. My other two could take or leave it, so my kids never got swaddled much, but I have swaddled other babies, because they liked to be. These companies should focus on extra training instead of making it harder on their workers.
JamieOlds JamieOlds 4 years
Daycare centers need to make sure their employees are trained with everything needed when they are taking care of other people's children. I have done in home daycare since 2007. I tried getting a job at daycare centers in my area and after going there to get applications not as a potential parent I would never put my children in there. I could have taken children from one center and nobody would have known. I say daycares need to check who they hire and this wouldn't be an issue. I was told by one company that they wouldn't hire me because I knew the laws and that they couldn't have me there because I could turn them in. Needless to say I did anyways. My advice to parents don't call ahead if your thinking of a certain daycare go in pretending to be an applicant. You will see the true company not the planned tour they set up when they know your coming. Daycares are at fault.
CorynnaPerry CorynnaPerry 4 years
All 3 of my kids hated to be wrapped up like a sausage and would struggle and kick and squirm until they were free. If the baby is comfortable unwrapped let them be, If the baby is comfortable wrapped up tighter than a sausge in casing than by all means wrap them up.
CeriHowell CeriHowell 4 years
"A baby young enough to be swaddled is a baby too young to be in instructional used daycare!" My job only gave me 12 weeks leave. AND It was unpaid. To those comments who say a baby young enough to be swaddled shouldn't be in day care MIND YOUR OWN baby! Many of us MUST work. We shouldn't be denied the chance to have a child because they will need to be in day care. Please! And my son was swaddled until about 9 or 10 months. (we did it from day one and he slept through the night from about 1 week old if it isn't broke don't fix it was our motto!) Every child is different. This post was about day care and swaddling. NOT about if an infant should be in a day care at all. If your comment is about the actual subject matter keep it to your self. Putting an infant in a day care is already hard enough on us moms. We don't need judgment in the form of comments on how a infant shouldn't be in day care in the 1st place. Because for many working moms if we had it our way they wouldn't be there in the first place and we wouldn't be going back to work. And I think day care's should still swaddle if the parent requests it. We are still the parent. Now if a day care is unnecessarily swaddling, then no, but if the parent has approved it, and they are not doing it wrong by all means let them meet the infants needs.
HeatherMaurer69997 HeatherMaurer69997 4 years
omg next they'll ban pacifiers. both my kids got swaddled up until 9 months old they wouldn't sleep unless they where, and no they didn't scream when they where the just got "snugly" and dozed off.... now when they weren't swaddled omg did they scream then. for that matter they still like to be "tucked in tight" for bed.
shellygettys shellygettys 4 years
This why I do not listen to this crap. I dont listen to the doctor unless they can prove to me on paper, or they rolled out of bed and came up with idea. When are we as humans parents and care givers going to stop listening to this. The goverment is turning our lives in to a game from hell. We need to take back our right as humans and tell these people to go to hell.
Cali16721 Cali16721 4 years
This is out of hand..I literally know hundreds of people who have/still do, swaddle their babies/children; never had a problem. I still do it to my almost nine month old daughter and she loves it and won't sleep any other way. Stupid.
CathiWarner CathiWarner 4 years
This is ridiculous!!! Another sign that the government is trying to take over!!! Wake up America!!!
LauraDieck LauraDieck 4 years
Why not emphasize or require training on proper swaddling instead of banning it or have them use the swaddle blankets with the velcro to make it easy to do it right? Newborn babies need the comfort.
Jessica39287 Jessica39287 4 years
Ban swaddling in day cares? What's next... Are they going to ban putting a baby to sleep on their backs because in may cause Plagiocephaly ( flat head sydrome) ? I agree there is a difference between swaddling and tight swaddling but to ban it all together is ridiculous... Some babies need to be wrapped like that because it soothes them and helps them to sleep better. Perhaps, instead of banning it, offer classes to daycare workers that teaches them how to properly swaddle a newborn. Swaddling has been done for a millennia. Lets be proactive, not restrictive.
EmmaAdams85840 EmmaAdams85840 4 years
I totally agree that a newborn baby needs swaddling to make them feel safe as theyre used to feeling tightly wrapped as thats how they are in the womb.I swaddled my boy when he was a baby until he was gone 3-4 months and the swaddling definetely helped him to feel safe and sleep better without having to be held all the time. Also, i again totally agree with one mother saying how a newborn should nt be left in a day care centre anyway so swaddling in a day care dentre shouldn't be an issue. However, i understand how some parents have no choice but to go back to work within weeks of having the baby as some can't afford to be out of work especially with the baby now around,each parent needs as much money as they can to provide for the baby as well but I also think that as we all know babies are very expensive to provide for, especially if we have more than one, then each adult should really think about if they can really afford to be out of work and if not just put off having a baby until you're more financially stable. I know....easier said than done and accidents do offence to any parent including myself who would ever say that their baby was a mistake.Sorry... blabbing on...i'll shut up now
BethanyDavis57864 BethanyDavis57864 4 years
I swaddled my first baby because he liked it. I did not swaddle my second one because he didn't like his arms wrapped up.
JenniferCarlson70367 JenniferCarlson70367 4 years
There's a difference between swaddling and tight swaddling. It can be done too tightly. But banning swaddling entirely is like banning food entirely because some people overeat or eat the wrong foods. It's too EXTREME of a stance. The truth: billions of babies worldwide have been swaddled for generations and it proved beneficial for most of them AND their parents. I hate to mention this: but a screaming, howling baby is also bad for it's own health because some parents cant handle that and then they are at risk of being abused or worse. In a perfect world, we wouldn't have to worry about infanticide, but this isn't a perfect world.
KathleenJohnson90466 KathleenJohnson90466 4 years
I am an infant caregiver in a daycare, I NEVER swaddle my babies. I have cared for children for over 40 years and have two of my own. My observance of swaddled babies is that they finally stop crying because they give up in frustration and exhaustion, not because they are comforted.Have you ever looked at a screaming child who is swaddled? It breaks my heart. I hold and rock each of my charges when i feed them, when they are tired and just when they need snuggles. While I agree that babies are best cared for at home when under 6 months, the reality of life is that mommies have to go back to work when their babies are a month old, in many cases. It is my job and privilege to care for their children and provide the most comfortable, loving environment possible.
DiannCumbee DiannCumbee 4 years
This is nuts. One of the things that my son's care giver asked when he first started there was if he liked to be swaddled and how tightly. Every baby is different and some of them have to be swaddled to sleep! And in response to the post by AnnabelCowley about babies at 6 weeks shouldn't be in day care. I'm very happy for you that you don't need to work, I really am, but I DO need to work. My husband and I are thoroughly working class and it takes both of us working full time to bring in the $60k/year that we make. I was thankful that we saved enough for me to take 11 weeks off after my son was born (I was threatened with termination if I wasn't back to work for Christmas so I went back when he was 11 weeks, he was 12 weeks at Christmas time), but when I went back to work that was the end of our savings, we had to use it to live during that 11 weeks. With my daughter I had to be back at 8 weeks (it would have been 6 weeks, but I had a c-section) and she was put into a day care as well. My son's day care is wonderful and he loves his care giver. She is assigned to him and two other boys that are about his age. The three of them play together, nap in cribs next to each other and are all on the same schedule for feedings. It's an excellent environment for a child and he gets excited to go.
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