Since my lil guy was born, people frequently ask me what being a mom of three is like. I usually answer that it's sort of like having two kids, but crazier — we're (my husband and I are) out numbered, the rewards are greater, my days are fuller and the unexpected continues to happen. I also can't imagine my life being any other way. Here are a couple of examples.

  • The other night, my husband was working so I gave the kids baths before we sat down to dinner. We were about 10 minutes into eating, when I realized I was the only one clothed.
  • I have a mini heart attack every time my baby pulls a blanket over his head even though he erupts in a fit of laughter while playing Houdini to get out.
  • My daughter thinks "being tricky" is genetic and credits her prankster ways to her aunt and uncle. She tells her brother that his stuffed tiger comes alive at night so I have a three-foot striped beast sleeping in the hallway
  • When my three-year-old gets really upset he "fires" people. But, if you sense it coming and tell him you quit, he runs off like a wounded CEO. Maybe he's the next Donald Trump?
  • I had to take my kids to Costco during its peak hour last Saturday to shop for a party and emerged with $300 worth of stuff, my daughter riding the cart like a scooter, my preschooler in the front seat, my baby in a carrier and a look of relief on my face. But, it was too early to declare victory because right when I was about to, my son had to pee and I realized my lil guy had thrown up all over me.

What is a day in your life like?