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Daycare May Prevent Leukemia

Daycare May Protect Baby From Serious Disease

You may not like the ear infections and colds that your tot gets in daycare, but all the exposure they are getting may pay off in the end. A new study found:

Children who attended daycare or playgroups have a 30 percent lower risk of developing the most common form of childhood leukemia compared to those who do not.

To see what else the report said,


The researchers looked at 14 different studies that examined 20,000 children. Of those, about a third of them had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Researchers believe the earlier exposure to germs can strengthen a tot's immune system — even to leukemia.

While there are unknown factors that cause leukemia, this report may offer a peek into how the disease might be prevented.


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milosmommy milosmommy 9 years
Good to know. I'll try and relax a little bit when it comes to my son loving to chew on his high chair straps. Which I find really gross.
schnappycat schnappycat 9 years
YES, AFRY! My husband (who is a doctor) is a big proponent of exposing our son to germs. Like if his binky falls on the floor, we pop it back into his mouth without washing. And he joked that we would be rubbing our son's face in poop and cat hair. Heh. And we have never been fans of using too many anti-bacterial products (and they are hard to find without). It's just not a good thing. I don't want my son to be exposed to Ebola or anything, but regular germs at a young age can only help them down the road.
stina829 stina829 9 years
Ok... So... As a mom getting ready to start her 6 month old at a 'real' daycare next week for 3 days a week... This kinda sounds nice to me! :) I don't necessarily 'believe' it 100%, but it's good to hear something positive about daycares this morning, lol
blooditsnotfunny blooditsnotfunny 9 years
This relates to the hygiene hypothesis... Moms PLEASE read about this hypothesis. There is a ton of evidence that shows that kids need to be exposed to pathogens and exposed to the microbial world so that their bodies learn how to recognize what is harmful and how to react to pathogens. Let your kids play with lots of other kids and crawl around in the dirt. It's good for them. If you keep your kids too clean they have a much greater chance of developing autoimmune diseases.
macneil macneil 9 years
Well you can 'catch' some cancers from viruses - HPV causes cervical cancer. As Jennifer says, it is a small risk and not one you're likely to change your lifestyle for. I'm not going to put my daughter into daycare, but it is something that makes me a little sad and will worry pointlessly about for 20 minutes or so.
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
How bizarre and fascinating. First off, correlation doesn't imply causation - like lunerslides already said. If 30% of the kids they looked at had leukemia - even this the most common cancerous issue for kids - this is clearly not a group of statistically "normal" children. Whether or not you "catch" leukemia is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether or not a strong immune system can help a child defeat the invading disease. Something to keep in mind is that this is a disease that affects about 0.003% of the population. So, a thiry percent reduction in that means your child has a 0.0021% likelihood of getting this disease versus 0.003%. Not exactly a resounding reason to rush them off to daycare...
snarkypants snarkypants 9 years
i agree with lunerslides. i can see how daycare can help your kid become less susceptible to contagious diseases, just by exposure, but it doesn't make sense with non-communicable diseases like cancer. correlation does not equal causation!
Lunerslides Lunerslides 9 years
I'm sorry but that totally sounds rediculous. You don't catch leukimia. Besides that's a correlation, not a relationship. BIG differance in the medical community.
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