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Daycare Owner Accused of Drugging Children

Daycare Owner Accused of Drugging Children

A daycare owner in Texas was arrested for allegedly drugging children. According to police, Kimberly Lane, owner of the Luv-n-Learning Daycare in Van Alstyne, regularly mixed over the counter antihistamines into the children's milk to make them fall asleep. The practice alarmed employees at the Texas day care center and they informed authorities. Lane was charged with 16 felony counts of endangerment to a child.

Read the whole story.

Have you ever doubted the trustworthiness of someone caring for your child?

Image Source: msnbc

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EilingPerez1367070156 EilingPerez1367070156 3 years
This is the reason why I'm scared to leave my baby with a stranger.
Brandi2680125 Brandi2680125 5 years
Idiots like this give the rest of us licensed providers a bad name.
CoMMember13630876624604 CoMMember13630876624604 5 years
scary indeed :(
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