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Daycare Using GPS to Track Children Draws Controversy

Daycare Using GPS to Track Children Draws Controversy

Several daycare centers in Sweden have started using GPS to keep track of children during excursions by outfitting them in transmitter vests that staff track on a screen. But parents are concerned that daycare centers will be tempted to reduce staff now that part of their jobs (making sure all kids are accounted for at all times) can be handled by the e-trackers. Another concern is that the children will become too accepting of invasions of their privacy.

The daycare centers, on the other hand, are thrilled: "It is excellent; it has been only positive for us," said Monica Blank-Hedqvist, the principal of a childcare center in the city of Borlange.

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Would you use GPS to track your child?

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heatherperalta heatherperalta 5 years
I think the system is good just because when you are on a field trip maybe to the zoo, sometimes the child will wonder off or need a break from walking and just go sit down. There have been to many moms and dads out there who have had the feeling even just for a second.. where is my child. Anything that can help reduce lost children is a good idea. If I can take the time and vollenteer to go on the trip I feel much better because I am with her the entire time. Sometimes there are just to many children to be responsible for. I also am a fan of the buddy system. When it comes to the privacy issue people are having, that is your kid when it comes to keeping them safe privacy is the last thing on my mind, at least the vest can try and help, it is better then nothing at this point. Dont rely on the vest though, still need plenty of staff and eyes everywear.
KellySturgess KellySturgess 5 years
This is a brilliant idea, as long as they don't start reducing the number of teachers. Because, lets face it, some kids are just to damn slippery for their own good
GracesMommy GracesMommy 5 years
Also, how is it invading the child's privacy? The daycare already knows where your child is; the vest is just a backup. It's not like the children are wearing them 24/7.
GracesMommy GracesMommy 5 years
As others have said, as long as the number of daycare workers stays the same, I think it's a good idea. Kids can run away or get snatched away in an instant and these would provide a fast recover, possibly preventing a tragedy from happening. As for the child taking it off, my guess is they aren't the easiest thing to put on in the first place. Maybe there's a special "key" that has to be used to unbuckled the vest, preventing unintentional removal (couldn't read article).
PamelaZoughi PamelaZoughi 5 years
No way, I would not depend on these vests. Invasion of my babies privacy, someone could leave the vest and take the child and supervisors would be none the wiser, and did I say creepy and invasive? Orwellian if you will.
JoannaWordell JoannaWordell 5 years
Oh No No No.
DoraLoCascioWiggs DoraLoCascioWiggs 5 years
I think it is a great idea as long as the number of staff is NOT reduced. Disney should catch onto this idea and start renting them at the parks for families.
KristinaThorson KristinaThorson 5 years
I do not think it is a substitute for human care, but I think it is a good idea. My only concern is that the vest can be taken off; then you know only where the vest is.
crystalayre96237 crystalayre96237 5 years
i think its a great idea bc at any givin time a cild can wonder off and be taken and by having this divice in a vest they can be found ! especially if a preatider takes a child not knowing about the tracking device so i give it 2 thumbs up
CarriDibblee CarriDibblee 5 years
no I wouldn't and these kids could just take them off and then what are you tracking???
GabriannaAllen GabriannaAllen 5 years
oh my goodness... no...
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