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Daycare Workers Accused of Encouraging Toddler Fights

Daycare Workers Accused of Encouraging Toddler Fights

It's a parent's nightmare: the daycare supposedly keeping a child safe is in reality encouraging violence.

Three Delaware daycare workers accused of encouraging a pair of 3-year-olds to fight each other are out on bond while they await a preliminary hearing.

Tiana Harris, 19, Lisa Parker, 47, and Estefania Myers, 21, are accused of videotaping a fight between 3-year-old boys in their care. According to court documentts, the women encouraged the toddlers to pummel each other as they laughed about it.


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Image Source: Dover Police Department

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AshleyRoberts42059 AshleyRoberts42059 4 years
These are grown women who know better. I hope they lose their jobs. I would not want my child in their care.
AmyParks74604 AmyParks74604 4 years
That's only a state away. I live in Maryland. I've worked in 2 daycares. It's so scary.
JenniferAshley91424 JenniferAshley91424 4 years
These women are sickening!!! They must have a black hole where their hearts are!!! Adults need to be punished like we punish our kids.. logical consequence. Let them fight it out with some mean 300 lb woman that would as soon eat them up and spit them out as look at them while people egg them on and video tape it. :) I like this idea!!!
EllenFuller EllenFuller 4 years
Yes, this is sick, this is sad, this is scary, but I work in a really great child care center with excellent teachers. Go to and see what we are all about in Chattanooga Tennessee.... We really did need me to work, but I had both of my kids at a researched center with 3 stars. (In Chattanooga Tennessee they use the three stars from the Tennessee flag, and it is the same as 4 or 5 stars. Anyway, I am sorry this happened, but there are some really great places that love and care for children the appropriate way!
AshleyWeddle AshleyWeddle 4 years
OMG! This reminds me why I don't have my son in daycare. My husband has a heart condition and stays home with our boys. He teaches our son the same things he would learn in daycare. I know my son is safe and learning what he needs to in order to suceed.
AmandaJernigan AmandaJernigan 4 years
this makes me very sick and dang why would they even do something like this.... I'm a daycare worker myself and I would NEVER do something like this I love each and one of my kids in my room and take care of them like they were my own children b/c I have twin daughters and I wouldn't want anyone to do this to my girls.
MorghanEckenfels MorghanEckenfels 4 years
And everyone wonders why I chose to stay home with my kids! Good grief!! I'd rather make some financial sacrifices than have people like that watching my kids. There are good child care workers, but there are far too many bad ones for me to take that risk.
KellyBurkeHellenthal KellyBurkeHellenthal 4 years
This is one of the reasons i stay home with my kids, yeah things may be a little tight money wise but we make it work so i know my kids are safe and loved at all times!!!!
Kaeti18085 Kaeti18085 4 years
This is a damn shame!! This is why I'm nervous to even trust my children to things like daycare, people like this...
TeeRobles TeeRobles 4 years
what is this world coming to :'(
EllaCarpenter3785 EllaCarpenter3785 4 years
They need slapped around!
JessicaPorter60667 JessicaPorter60667 4 years
This is awful. I can't believe that daycare workers would do such a thing. I hope they get what they deserve for this.
LaurenParker49853 LaurenParker49853 4 years
That is very very disturbing..
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