Does quality childcare set kids on the collegial path? It used to seem like Ivy League Universities looked to creme de la creme high schools for applicants. But, before that the students had to attend elite grade schools. As the public school system continues to flounder in certain states, the competition to get into esteemed schools has elevated and leaves parents vetting for openings which are few and far between. Some moms and pops set up a plan before their child leaves the cradle or even takes his first breath!

To see what parents are doing to get on the fast track,


In certain metropolitan cities, pregnant women put their fetus's last name (first one pending) on preschool wait lists and the application process in New York and San Francisco has become more like college admissions except the pupils can't write their essays because they don't recognize their alphabets yet!

Parents trying to get precious into the top preschools are now turning to elite day-cares and playgroups to get the extra edge on competition. Often times, those running the groups have connections that will benefit families in the preschool pursuit. So even though baby can barely walk or talk, the wheels are set in motion for a lifetime of privileged education.

At the rate things are going, a babe's future is going to depend on the hospital in which they were born. If mama labors in the right maternity ward, perhaps she will have access to the best lactation consultant who will refer her to a particular mommy group. The mother's group will then direct her to the popular music and yoga classes that will get her the in to the "it" daycare. From there, it's a breeze. Preschool, grade school, high school and college are just hurdles to be had.