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Lil Community: Animal Issues While Pregnant

Express yourself. This post was submitted by Anonymous in the A Place to Vent group.

Lately my two cats have been driving me crazy!! Before I was pregnant I didn't mind them and I actually enjoyed their company. Now, I want to throw them out of my house!  One side of my hormonal mind says I'm horrible for wanting them to go. Then the other side says that I'll be able to breathe again in the house because their smell won't be there anymore and they won't be around my legs tripping me.  Unfortunately — the mean side is winning.

My husband is the one that has to take care of the kitty litter.  He does a horrible job of it. I love him and I'm thankful for all that he does for me, but taking care of the kitty litter is high priority for me. Having two cats makes for a lot of...smells. We live in a two bed, two bath condo which is quite small. I have to walk past "their bathroom" to get to my room.  I'm tired of holding my breath every time I need to do the laundry or go to my room. Being the person I am, I would clean up the kitty litter myself with gloves up to my elbows, a gas mask, hair net, knee high rubber boots and disposable jump suit.  That's how bad the smell gets to me. To see what happened next,


Then last night I found our un-spayed female cat peeing on our dirty clothes. PEEING!!!! I flipped out —unfortunately at my hubby. I blamed him for it because if the litter was fresh for her she wouldn't have peed. With this new problem thoughts of my sweet nursery to be came to mind...with cat pee soaked baby sheets.  I will not have it! I will not have my new baby's things subjected to cat pee or smells. You might say "Well why did you get them in the first place you nincompoop!?"  I never thought I was ever going to get pregnant. This was a surprise for me. And now with being pregnant and making sure my house is clean and safe for my baby, I look to my cats with disgust.  I worry about once the lil one starts to crawl how will I separate he/she from the cat litter and cat food? My mind can't see over the wall of mean — I need to give my cats away to a better home than mine.  My hubby and I have decided to finally get our one female cat that is not spayed, spayed. That's our first step. Hopefully she'll stop peeing on things. Second, my hubby has promised me he will take better care of the cat litter (Unfortunately, I have no faith in that). If these don't work and we're still having problems with the cats, and if I can't get over that horrible mean wall, I will have to succumb to it.   So I wonder has anybody else given up their beloved pets because of the coming baby and complications of it all? Or am I just a heartless, pregnant, over emotional woman?

Let it all out at the A Place to Vent group over in the LilSugar Community.

barbiexoxoxo5225 barbiexoxoxo5225 7 years
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
Sushi, I was about to say the same thing: there ARE low cost spay neuter clinics out there, if you take the time to find them. "I believe that fixing this cat is not going to resolve the issue, nor am I going to spend big $$$$$ to explore her problem." Honestly, animal owners as HEARTLESS and IRRESPONSIBLE as you deserve some serious jail time. This is the EXACT REASON anonymous comments should be banned! Someone pops up once, spouts a bunch of garbage, and disappear forever.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Oh, and my husband and I got a SNAP certificate, which allowed us to get out cat spayed for $50 (and we're not low/ fixed income).
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Tonya - spaying the cat will very likely resolve a host of problems. And if you find that you cannot afford to spay a cat (although I honestly don't know how you are able to afford a child if you can't afford a $50-$100 surgery for your pet) -- do both of you a favor and find it a loving home or drop her off at a shelter and give her a chance to find a good home. And again - for the record: I'm 4 months pregnant, have three adult cats (and right now - 2 foster kittens) and it's not a problem. My husband changes the litter and my cats don't pee/ poop anywhere but their litter boxes. It's possible for pets and newborns to co-exist.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
There ARE low cost spay options in many places in the US. A lot of states have SPOT clinics and organizations that allow fixed rate and income based spaying based on income. Look into it before just assuming it doesn't exist. There are also low cost vets around, you just have to find them, and possibly drive a bit to get to them. I agree that vets are TOTALLY overpriced money gougers, but they aren't the only options out there. FYI - a lot of the posters are irritated because she admits the box doesn't get cleaned because her husband's being lazy and she won't do it. And you know, your whole comment about "Although I do not want the cat put to sleep, I do not have the money (with expecting a new baby, and caring for two others) to have it fixed" is SICKENING. HELLO! You took the animal in, and now instead of finding it a new home, you're considering putting it to sleep becuase you can't afford to spay it? COME ON! Put an ad on craigslist with a few pictures, and you'll find a home for it, fairly quickly. I've rescued 5-6 animals from various places (severely abusive homes, sides of highways, etc) and found them homes that way. It's the least amount of effort you can expend. I understand not having a lot of money, we are on a very fixed income, but there really are no excuses to just put an animal down to avoid responsibility.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
Right on, running! I'm so sick of all these screwy anonymous comments!
runningesq runningesq 7 years
And again can we prohibit anonymous comments?
runningesq runningesq 7 years
hey Anon @ 32: Obviously you ladies are only mothers to your cats other wise you would understand where she is coming from. I'm 15 weeks pregnant, so yes, I DO know what it's like to have a child growing inside of me. AND we have three cats (and foster kittens), so I know what it's like to 1. be pregnant and 2. have cats Fortunantly, my husband isn't an idiot and is able to clean a litter box properly. And yes, spaying/ nuetering IS an issue -- her cat wouldn't spray if he was neutered.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
lol.. it wouldn't smell if the boxes were cleaned occasionally. Pee and poop has this crazy way of wafting unpleasant odors everywhere when allowed to accumulate in large piles...
wildsngrny wildsngrny 7 years
Well, I do have to say that I think many of the posts here are somewhat harsh in their presentations. However, I also must agree with the general message they're sending: yup, you're being hormonal, and a touch less responsible than you normally would be (pregnancy makes that happen, I know). When I was pregnant with my son, I continued to clean my kitty's litter box. He was an indoor cat with all his shots, and was neutered. To be extra safe, I used gloves and a filter mask (use one for very fine particles), and even though it annoyed my OB/GYN, my husband, my cat and I were all very grateful I kept it up. My husband would've just thrown all the litter out every time (a waste of $), and I do a better job of thoroughly cleaning than he does, so the kitty was always in posession of a clean space. So, in a nutshell, yeah: neuter and spay your cats, get some Zofran for the nausea the smell may cause, get some good gloves and a mask, and dig in, Sister!
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
Did I leave the impression that I thought it was a good excuse? Sorry if I did... it's not what I meant. Seriously, I don't think this is about the woman and the cats, I think it's about the husband and the baby. " hubby has promised me he will take better care of the cat litter (Unfortunately, I have no faith in that)." No faith in the husband's ability to clean a cat box!?!?!??! Like I said, if he can't handle the cat box (5 minutes twice a week) how will he handle diapers (8+ times per day). Maybe I'm reading into this too much... but I really don't think this is about the cats.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Betty Wayne: I may not have children, but I am almost 12 weeks pregnant and I've never used it as an excuse to want to dump by pets.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
Shayna, not to be rude, but as far as I know have no kids, so let me tell you. Pregnancy hormones make you emotional and irrational at times, and many women become nauseated by smells that never bothered them before. I'm sure you know about cravings- hell, I ate potatoes three times a day for the last six months of mine; it's a complete change of body chemistry for the whole nine months. This is also a 'vent'. 'Vent' and 'rant' and basically the same thing: you call up your friend and you just straight bitch til you have no bitch left in you, or you sit down at your computer and type out your feelings and then you're not mad anymore. It works for some people, certainty not everyone though.
ShaynaLeah ShaynaLeah 7 years
I'm not getting the point of this vent - Mostly because if you think your cats come with smells/needs, wait until you meet your baby. Yes, he or she will have waaay more needs/smells/body fluids requiring your attention. I'm just disturbed by this woman's lack of responsibility/sanity.
MrsJaiDiva MrsJaiDiva 7 years
I completely and totally understand where the OP is coming from! In fact, when I read her rant I wanted to shed tears of relief! I'm not alone!! I too have two cats that I love to pieces, but would currently like to send packing IMMEDIATLY!! They're all over me, I can't stand the smell of their litterbox (and we have an automatic one), and one day they both deficated on the floor in different areas of our home. I flipped right out! Right now all I can think of is how filthy they are making our home, and what it would mean for our twins when they are born. So, I made my husband rip up all the carpeting, and I'll be giving the cats to my mother and sister to care for until I'm no longer pregnant, and feeling normal again. I've been around animals my entire life, and love them....but they are just not mixing well with this pregnancy.
Jasmineleilani Jasmineleilani 7 years
It's not just you. I've always loved animals, and was thrilled when I met my boyfriend because he loved them too. He came with a dog, a large lab mix. Everything has been fine until I became pregnant of my son (he's 8 months now). Soon after that I began to find my attitude to her changing. Her smell, the sounds she makes, and the horrible hair. I began to resent her! Every time I look at her I just see the annoyances. I used to be a dog lover, I felt like a horrible person but could not help how I feel. There is no "happy ending" to this where I re-fall in love with the dog. I sill find most days I can't bother to not be annoyed by her. I try my best to get back to when I adored our pup, but to no avail. She has all her needs, an I even feed her most days an ensure she has water and what not... I think it may have to do with hormones. I wonder if I'll ever feel the same about pets. I hope that you manage to find a place where you are comfy again with your kitty. I don't think you are a bad person, it's jus one of those things that people who are "there" are going to get. Good luck.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
Just take it into your own hands and clean the litter box. I did it both my pregnancies because my husband was terrible at keeping it up, and i believe it should be done daily. If you kept them clean, they wouldn't feel the need to piss everywhere else. Would you like to wade through shit and piss to reach your toilet? Yeah, probably not.
smiller2000 smiller2000 7 years
Please give this woman a break. She is obviously concerned about her cats or wouldn't have made the post. I had a similar thing happen when pregnant with my first child. I developed an allergy to my cats that medication was not helping with, so ended up giving them to my mother, who took very good care of them. Something will work out for you, just take time to step back and evaluate the situation. You may gain a new perspective.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
Of course the OP is flipping out, she's pregnant. OP I'm glad you're finally spaying the one cat and I certainly hope you're keeping them. I had a cat while I was pregnant and I NEVER ONCE cleaned the litter box; that was HIS job. I don't care how rare toxoplasmosis is, if you haven't been tested you should NEVER put your baby at risk. I put most of the blame on the husband! He needs to step up to the plate. Cats aren't toys and neither are kids. Cleaning a litter box takes 5 minutes of cleaning twice a week. How the hell is this guy going to handle being a father if he can't even clean a litter box? Also buying one of those auto-scoopers sounds like a good idea... I've never actually seen one in use; doesn't someone have to clean it eventually?
runningesq runningesq 7 years
No, Anon, it's not, but this thread isn't about whether a child is a cat. It's about whether a person who took on the responsibilty of a pet should abandon that responsibility. What snarky was talking about was giving up a responsibility because it got difficult or became a nuisance. She didn't say cats and children are the same.
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
your cats should be treated with as much respect as your children. would you give your child away if it started grossing you out? give it some time, i'm sure you're just stressed and hormonal. follow starbucks's advice. it'll be fine.
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