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Death of All 3 Daughters in Accident Leads to Lawsuits Within a Family

Death of All 3 Daughters in Accident Leads to Lawsuits Within a Family

What would you do if all of your children were killed in a wrong-way car accident, caused by a driver who was both drunk and high on marijuana? What would you do if that driver were your sister-in-law?

Jackie Hance lived through this nightmare two years ago, when her sister-in-law Diane Schuler was driving Jackie's 3 daughters (Emma, 8; Alyson, 7; and Katie, 5) back from a camping trip in upstate New York. Diane drove south in the northbound lanes for almost 2 miles of a parkway before hitting another car head on - killing herself and 7 others in all. Toxicology reports showed that Diane Schuler had been smoking marijuana and had a blood alcohol level equivalent to 10 shots of vodka.

Several lawsuits have been filed in the past few days. Diane's husband, Daniel Schuler, sued Jackie's husband, claiming that the car Diane was driving (which was borrowed from the Hance's) was faulty. Jackie is suing Daniel for her daughters' deaths, alleging that her daughters knew they were going to die and "suffered . . . terror, fear of impending death, extreme horror, fright, [and] mental anguish." Hance's 9 year old daughter even called her father just before the crash to say, "Something's wrong with Aunt Diane."


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Could you forgive a family member who was responsible for the deaths of your children?

Image Source: ABC News

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CoMMember13629148071769 CoMMember13629148071769 6 years
If it were accidental yes, but that would take a while. Intentional, I would say no.
isabellaidlaw isabellaidlaw 6 years
no i don`t think i could
ToniGeiselman ToniGeiselman 6 years
What did her husband do? The person to be sued is dead. Stupid that he's suing about the car too.
AshleyPerez AshleyPerez 6 years
no way could i forgive, if someone took the most important people away from me. Not only could i not forgive the dead person but the other who let her drive away from the camp in the state that she was in.
AndreaR1983 AndreaR1983 6 years
In some cases, yes. In this case, absolutely not. This is just horrible.
AmyHendricks AmyHendricks 6 years
Wow...Did the sister in law not show any sort of signs of alcohol or drug abuse? Not to take blame from the SIL because this was obviously her fault, but knowing that my own SIL might actually do something stupid like that, she'll never take my kids anywhere w/out me or my husband there. As awful as it would be, I don't see the point of suing since the driver died too. But I definitely would never forgive...I don't see how you could w/ your kids gone, and all because some stupid woman was irresponsible.
ShirleyAndricks ShirleyAndricks 6 years
At first, probably not. But being a Christian, I would, because living with anger and bitterness would only halt the healing. This is so tragic! I remember hearing about this story when it happened. I am so very sorry for their loss :( I've lost one child, but her losing 3, oh the pain and agony. My heartfelt prayers for all involved. God help them to heal.
CoMMember13630906811873 CoMMember13630906811873 6 years
Diane u mke me sick
TaiMuraki TaiMuraki 6 years
Never. I don't know if I could survive that.
KatrinaWhelan KatrinaWhelan 6 years
Aww this is so sad :( I couldn't forgive.. No way!!
EmmaHolmesWasAmes EmmaHolmesWasAmes 6 years
no i could not
jencouture jencouture 6 years
How would a faulty car cause you to drive the wrong way? That's ridiculous!
MelanieAngell MelanieAngell 6 years
no way i would nevr forgive a family member, luckily i know my family dont do drugs and would never drink under the influence of alchol R.I.P to all that lost here lives in that tragic accident especially the innocent people
KylieTaylor19639 KylieTaylor19639 6 years
I could never forgive this at all ever.
CrystalSpencer CrystalSpencer 6 years
IF it wasnt in their power to avoid then yes because they would have to live their life thinking what if but in this case?... HELL NO! i feel so sorry for this poor woman and her husband to have to go through this ...
EmmaPadgett EmmaPadgett 6 years
I would never, ever forgive.
AloraMartinez AloraMartinez 6 years
There is clearly so much anguish in this family and this is the only way they feel that they can get some of their life back. It's a shame. You hear of couples breaking up after a death of a child. this doesn't really seem that much different. I hope that I could be the bigger person and learn to forgive but my heart tugs for this family and I totally understand the need to have some kind of resolution.
TabithaRichards67425 TabithaRichards67425 6 years
No, I wouldn't be able to forgive someone for this. I think if they were drunk and high they should have called me and told me I can't pick the kids up because Im drunk and high or just leave it at I cant pick them up today. Im sorry to hear this happened to your girls, my heart goes out to you. :(
daniellesouriyasak daniellesouriyasak 6 years
Wouldn't have trusted her to begin with
lesascott lesascott 6 years
i think they need time to heel and grive and god forgives all and blaming one isnt the right thing to do she lost her life to now the husban has to deal with the mess how is it his falt he didnot know she was drunk and high it so sad that it happen to children but she took her life to no one said to for get but you should for give . god bless all
SuzannHaasClayton SuzannHaasClayton 6 years
No way could I forgive her, even though she paid the extreme price. As for her husband suing - that is just another example of trying to get the courts to say that his wife was faultless (blame the car). Everyone in the family lost and instead of pulling together one person (the husband of the driver) is blaming everyone else but the person who caused all this heartbreak - a horrible sad situation - three families destroyed because of drugs and alcohol and negligence. My thoughts are with all who lost spouses and children.
suzanneSaldana suzanneSaldana 6 years
No I voulfd never trust
CoMMember13615022938767 CoMMember13615022938767 6 years
I just watched a Documentry on this it's called "there's something wrong with aunt diane" The answer in this case is absolutely not, this wasn't an accident. This was a woman who had 10 drinks worth of alcohol in her and weed. She drove her children and neices all over the place and then killed herself, her daughter, her 3 neices and the 3 people in the car she ran into. She was careless and irresponsible. Her husband still refuses to believe that his wife did anything wrong, no wonder he didn't notice her drinking either.
CoMMember13630882247403 CoMMember13630882247403 6 years
This is horrible enough to lose her kids, and then have him sue them for their car supposedly being faulty when he knew his wife was drunk and high. He has a definite problem. I would not be able to forgive him after all that.
IreneSamaltanos IreneSamaltanos 6 years
God Bless them all !
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